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For those who have just gotten their feet wet with their first antique engine and need some literature to get them started on the road to restoration we present the following information sources to help get you started on your project. If you know of any IN PRINT literature that you have found a valuable resource in bringing life back to your old engine please drop us a line with the title and ISBN number so we can add it to our list (We'll credit you to if you like). With any luck I'll be able to break our list into catagories.

Don't forget to check out the oldengine links page, you'll soon find other pages that contain information about Your engine.

A very informative source of information can be found within mailing lists.
Two very good engine lists are noted here;

The Stationary Engine mailing list.

To subscribe to this list send and e-mail message to
leave the subject field blank. In the message body enter;
(note that it is a negative sign between stationary and engine, not an underscore.)

The Antique Stationary Engine Equipment list.
Information about subscribing to this list can be found at this web site.

The antique stationary-engine mailing list archive can be found here.

Gas Engine Magazine has been recommended to me by a number of individuals, its website can be found at

A reader [Donn Marinovich (] submitted this excel (.xls) sheet providing patents and the years they where issued to help determine if the unit you are looking at is indeed the year it is advertised as. Right click the link to save, file is ~20K Patent+Date.xls

Do you have a book title to share? Other information links? E-mail:

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