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...Or, move the hell over, I'm getting on the soap box.

When I initially started mulling over a web page, I had planned on homing in on the Nova. Being one of the few around here who have one of these beasts on the road it did drive me to find whatever information I could on the vehicle. However, the web has a number of similarily dedicated Nova owners who have already done an excellent job of putting together information on the understated Nova. So why repeat things? You'll find a handfull of them on my links page.

My hobby is automobiles, it was accompanied by electronics at one time. However, electronics won out the battle for a career, which is probably a good thing, as electronics as a hobby has all but been quashed since spending my working hours buried in it. So, automobiles have taken a strong foothold in the hobby department.

My original batch of unFAQs (disc brakes, HEI, leanburn, q-jet) came about from my own appetite for information, and the general lack of information in one place, drips and drabs everywhere. Hopefully I've put all the bits and peices necessary together for a somewhat complete overview of the topic.

And to the soapbox, FAQs that ain't quite what they say. The notorious culprit for me is engine identification. Yes, casting numbers are good for positive ID, but when I am walking around a bone-yard I don't have much desire to look into every dark recess looking for numbers, engine ID to me includes quick general identification. For example, Buick motors. Both big block and small block appear the same when you look at them under the hood. A quick and dirty way to determine big/small block is to look at the exhaust manifold, big blocks have a divot on the top part of the manifold for the center cylinders exhaust ports. Nice quick way to find out if Mr. Motormouth really does have a 455 in his Skylark.
Is there a quick and dirty way to distinguish an AMC 304 and AMC 360? I don't want to pull the heads to measure the bore. If it comes down to casting number only, fine, but if theres a little detail it certainly would make things faster.

Got my truck back finally. (Oct/97) Looks decent. Overall paint is now a dark turqoise. Paint supplier goofed and managed to put some green into the mix. Good thing I like the color. =-) And since is the soapbox area, my eye for detail is more picky than others. I do have to give credit to the shop for putting most every screw/bolt back in place. Only 4 missing (3 excusable.)

I've even gotten my hands on a propane mixer for the truck. One step closer to that swap day.

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