My 1976 Nova

[1976 Chevy Nova aka Rustpuppy]

The car in question is a 1976 4-door Chevrolet Nova. Or, lovingly refered to as Rustpuppy. Why you may ask? Well, the pictures will make that self evident.

The car was first purchased by my Grandfather back in 1976 off the lot. Apparently waiting for a specific car required a horrendesly long wait, so he bought what he found. A lime green with white roof Disco Nova with a straight 6 engine. Come to think of it... Lime green and white roof is rather fitting for the polyester era...

Rustpuppy had an easy but rough start, it lived in the country, so it drives where to the city and back once a week. Unfortuneatly rustproofing was the last thing on grandpa's mind, so the early days set the course for the rest of its days. Once we aquired it, rustproofing was done regularily until 1998 (take note of the oil weepage onto the side marker lights on the picture page for proof of proofing). At that time we knew Rustpuppys days where numbered as way too much body work would be required to bring back the car to a respectable level.

In 1991 Rustpuppy was transformed into a base/clear metallic gm grey. It suddenly turned respectable, and no longer an embarrasement to drive. It also recieved the rally wheels from my '73 Nova, bringing it up another level of non-embareassment. =-)

Some things Rustpuppy came with, and some things it got along the way.
Off the lot;
-Lime Green with white roof.
-Full wheel covers.
-Inline 6 engine.
-Automatic trans.
-Power Steering.
-Manual Brakes (disc/drum).
-Black vinyl interior.
-Fullsize spare.
-Bias ply tires.
-Woodgrain dash.
-AM radio.
-2.73 open rear.
Later on;
-Dog dish hubcaps, about 1 month after purshase (from Grandpa's 1966 Biscayne,).
-Med. grey metallic paint.
-1973 Chevy rally wheels.
-am/fm stereo.
-rear window defogger.
-full size radiator.
-light rear window tint.

Overall, the car has been extremely reliable. No major engine work, only one complete rear axle (Mum grenaded it in 1998). If it wasn't for the fact its disintigrating, and require a small fortune in body parts and time it would be a keeper.

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