Photos of the '76 Nova

Front 3/4 Drivers Side
Front 3/4 Passenger Side
Passenger Side
Rear 3/4 P.Side
Rear 3/4 D.Side
Closeup D.Side rear corner
Closeup rear door
Drivers door
Front fender
Lower rear front fender
Lower front front fender
peeling roof
P.side rear wheel well
Just incase you forget the tire in the trunk is the spare, it tells you.
Trunk again. Note the original gross green peeking out from beneath the peeling grey.
She's yawning...
Check out the funky battery hold-down.
P.side of the engine
Hi-tech Mobil1 windshield washer fluid reservoir.
D.side engine
Note the 1974 Buick Apollo (w350cid Buick engine) upper radiator support and fan shroud (for oversized rad).
External coil HEI
Major fender rot
Greasy underside (not all places are rusty)
Artsy shot
Gratuitous up-skirt shot
Rear door closeup
Dashboard. Thats 99063.7 original miles (as opposed to fake miles) (spring 2000). Note the luxurious fake wood grain trim.

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