Secondary Metering Rods

Rods a plenty! All Q-jet secondary rods interchange.
-Most WFOT tuning can be performed with changes to the secondary metering rods, and extreme fine tuning with secondary rod hanger changes. Secondary rod hangers are letter labeled B thru V, B being richest, V being Leanest. The changes effected by the hanger is how deep the seondary rods are hung into the secondary jets. Consequently a "B" hanger will "pull" the rod to its richest metering point quicker than say, a "D" hanger at the same amount of air-valve opening.
-Only a "V" hanger is available from GM. The expectation is that you bend the arms of the hanger to suit.
-The best source for tuning bits 'n pieces is junker carbs. A wide variety of secondary rods can be found, from lean rods to extremely rich rods from turbo vehicles. (Early 80's 3.8l Turbo Regals used a Q-jet for fuel management).
-If you want a custom secondary rod set, turn a pair of lean rods in a lathe to suit your tastes. The rods are chromed brass, so you will find over time that a machined rod will devolop some wear areas.

This information is only intended as an overview and may not include all the necessary information, data, or facts.
Every vehicle is unique, and research for your particular vehicle is recomended.

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