My 1983 Chevy Silverado Pickup

[83 Pickup]

This is the 1983 C10 Pick-em-up Truck. It has an 8 foot bed. Stock looking from the outside, with 15x7 truck rally rims sporting P255 70R15 tires, stainless side view mirrors, chrome step bumper, dark blue with silver side stripe, factory tinted windows. Behind the sheetmetal hides some changes, gone is the 305 and the 700r4. Replacing those is a slightly modified 350, and turbo hydramatic 350 trans. You could call it a subdued project in the works since I bought it as a daily driver...But, once you get the bug, it stays with you regardless of what vehicle you buy. Inside is treated to an almost full guage package (no factory tach), aftermarket bucket seats to make the ride ohh so comfortable and an Autometer Tach.
Other items on the list for some future date, rear gears or possibly a rear axle swap if I can find a suitable (read:intact) unit with a respectable price tag. And a propane conversion is still on the back burner.

The fall of 1998 saw a fresh 2 1/4" aluminized dual exhaust system utilizing Walker Super Turbos and Walker catalytic converters. Overall size of the catalytic converters is about 10"x6"x5". Sounds sweeet. But I do miss the alarm triggering turndowns under the bed. =)

propane Have a look here for conversion and general propane information (very incomplete).

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