My 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis

[1989 Mercury Grand Marquis]

Well, in every GM household must fall...another GM! Yup, I gone done did it. I ended up buying two things I swore I would never own. 1)A Ford product. 2)A fuel injected vehicle. Now I got both in one shot. =-)
I stumbled upon the car in the middle of January 2000 sitting in a cold and snowy Ford Lincoln dealership in a nearby town. Something about it beckoned me, I only caught a glimpse of the front of the car and had to go back for a closer look. Being cold and miserable outside I just gave it a cursory walk around, talked to the salesguy a bit, and promptly left. The car danced in my mind all evening, and the next day I called the fella and told him I'd be in for a close look at it--he'd have it inside so I can poke around underneath it.

I went, I looked. Its a very clean car, a couple minor parking lot dings, an excellent interior, and power everything. Not that I wanted power everything, but, thats how most of 'em came. I'm buying a used car, not ticking off option boxes to order a new one. You take what you get.

And then I went down...
I got under that car... I blinked. I swear I was looking at a car that just came out of the assembly plant! (incidently, the assembly plant for this car (well, every single Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria in the world since 1984 or so) is only 20minutes from my home.) This car had to be the cleanest car I've ever seen, no rust, no grime. Door drain holes had not a single spot of rust around them. You could say, its one of those cars you only read about finding. Fortuneatly, *I* found it.

Of course, I had to take it for a test drive... Power brakes while nothing new to me, certainly where a touchy beast in the Grand Marquis. I swear I must have looked like I never drove a car with power brakes while backing out of the dealership garage... Probably gave the salesguy a tight sphincter watching me rock the car and wondering what telephone pole I'd be wrapping it around. =-) Drove like what I expect a luxury car to drive like. Exhaust much too quiet. Smooth bump absorbing suspension. Comfy seats. Power This. Power That (but not a power antenna.Hmmm).

And then I bought it, for a song. At least, compared to what similar condition GM G-bodies where selling for (IF you could find them). My primary vehicle choice was a GM G-body (Monte Carlo, Regal, Cutlass, Grand Prix) but those are hard as hell to find in good shape around here--and then the GM looked at me with its puppy dog eyes... And I just had to go press my face against the window for a closer look at that puppy...

Vital Statistics and stuff on the GM;
-It was a Florida car, owned my a local Snow Bird, bought in Florida, so it has miles/mph instead of the metric speedos on Canadian vehicles.
-Medium Cabernet (Blood Red)
-velour interior (also Blood Red)
-302cid w/SFI
-3.08 open 8.8" rear axle
-AOD (already rebuilt)
-Air Conditioning--retrofited to r134a in Florida...and ICE cold.
-Premium Sound
-15x6.5" steel wheels -Gawd awful wire wheel covers (gonna put on some Rally wheels)
-Full size spare
-No Airbag. No ABS! (YAY! Dodn't want those damn things anyway)
-Cruise Control
-Power seats
-Power windows
-Power mirrors
-Power locks
-Cigar lighters all over the place
-Power trunk release
-Lights here... Lights there...
-Illuminated entry
-No cornering lamps (yay! Don't like that either)
-AC Delco battery (Gotta keep your GM all GM)
-GM (General Motors) insignia matching floor mats
-and who knows what else I havn't discovered yet. =-)

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