My 1973 Nova Custom Hatchback


There sits my pride and joy. This is about 1990/91, before the American Racing Chrome Nuggets. And yes, that is a cemetary where I took most of the photos. The latter photos show the original green color, in 1987 (liscence plate sticker expires in 1988). Hard to believe it was still a daily driver at that time, eh?

Read a bit about the car.

Some Photo's
3/4 rear, drivers side.
shiney new paint! Less than 5 miles on it. This jpeg does not do it justice.
3/4 rear, drivers side, a-r.
passenger side, a-r.
engine compartment.
rear, original color.
3/4 front, d.side, original color.
d.side, original color.
An American Racing Chrome Nugget.

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