Here is a very incomplete, in not quite proper order a list of various lamps. If you have any 6 volt lamp data as used in cars or trucks please e-mail me the bulb number and its application I will add any lamps I find to the list. If you happen to have the candle power or wattage of the lamp, please include that data as well.

Lamp NumberBaseBulb TypeVoltageCandle PowerNotesTypical Use
73mini-wedgeT-1 1/4142(?) hrsFord Radio Backlight
161wedgeT-3 1/41414000hrsInstrument/Marker
158wedgeT-3 1/41423000hrsInstrument/Marker
194wedgeT-3 1/41422500hrsInstrument/Marker
192wedgeT-3 1/41432000hrsInstrument/Marker
168wedgeT-3 1/41431500hrsInstrument/Marker
67 & 1155bayonetG-613.54marker/lisc ilum
1095bayonetG-6Bulb NLA1974 Imperial Inner Tail
97bayonetG-613.54 1095 Substitute/Replacement
2396bayonetS-812.840short life, 400hrsstop
1295bayonetS-812.550short life, 300hrsreverse, motor home
1157NA bayonet-indexedS-814/12.83/32amberfront marker/signal
6006par-563 lug640w/50w7" round headlamp
6014par-563 lug1250w/60w7" round headlamp
H6024par-563 lug1250w/60whalogen7" round headlamp

  • Is there an evasive bulb your trying to track down? Or a bulb to add to the list? E-mail me and I'll see if I can shed any illumination on it.
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