9x2 Brake Drums

For you owners of '62 & '63 Chevy II's you know that the brake drums are non-existant as a new replacement unit. The 9x2, 4on4 bolt pattern is unique to these two years. For the following list of drums which have the required 9x2 dimension, you'll have to drill your own wheel stud holes for the necessary 4 on 4 bolt pattern. I don't think I need to add that accuracy is of prime importance.

It should be added I have no first hand experience with these drums and have collected this list for someone who was searching for drums for their Chevy II.

I've recieved a link for a company which provides a variety of hard to get brake parts (and other auto parts), including 9x2 4 bolt brake drums. Check it out and let me know if you have used them. Samson Best Auto Parts located in Massapequa, New York.

YearVehicleBolt CirclePart Number
1982-84AMC Concord Sedan5-4.51513
1980-81AMC Concord, 4cyl, 6cy, exc. heavy duty 5-4.51513
1975-76Gremlin, Hornet 6cyl5-4.51513
1980AMX, Non-finned drum5-4.51513
1979AMX, Composite non-finned drum5-4.52517
1979AMX, Full Cast drum5-4.51513
1980-83 Dodge Challenger4-4.59321
1985Colt Vista, 4 wheel drive 4-4.59321
1980Colt, 4 door wagon4-4.59321
1974-79Colt, RWD, except wagon4-4.59321
1976-80 Plymouth Arrow4-4.59321

The above information was collected from the 1995 Raybestos Brake Parts Catalog. All part numbers are Raybestos numbers.

Remember to employ all safety precautions when working on any vehicle.
This information is only intended as an overview and may not include all the necessary information, data, or facts neccessary to complete the swap.
Remember, every vehicle is unique, and research for your particular vehicle is recomended.

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