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Welcome to the Old_Engine unFAQ collection, where just about anything engine (and the things they bolt to) are looked at.

If you spot any errors in any of the unFAQs, have a suggestion or comment about something you find here, if theres something you would like to see covered; bone stock resto, or one-off applications specific ideas. Send me e-mail and I'll will look into it.

I never claimed to be prompt in updating the pages, so this session of typing sees a number of items added and updated. If you are one of the folks who took the time to send in a tip or additions, and don't see something you have submitted, don't fret, I will get to it. Eventually. I am still a procrastinator after all.
Its all that time of year to wish folks a Happy Holiday! I won't put up any festive images this time around. Since, the tree will be droppy, the ornaments ashamble, all thanks to our friend procrastination. =-) It'll be bad enough having to read this paragraph after the snows melted, the sun is shinning, and everybody will have hearts dancing through their heads as valentines day approaches. I'll also leave the -!UPDATED!- graphic out of things for obvious reasons. =-)
I think I will resign myself to calling my updates the somewhat regular semi-semi annual update. =-)

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