9th Annual Buckey Farm Antiques Show, Wapakoneta, OH
On May 24th, 1998, I attended the 9th Annual Buckey Farm Antiques show at the fairgrounds at Wapakoneta, OH. Wapakoneta is the home of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, and I took the opportunity to also visit the Neil Armstrong Museum and snapped a few pics there with my Epson Photo PC.

One fella had a bunch of nicely-restored farm implements. First up was the bale-loading conveyor, followed by a Brillion cultipacker and 6-hole grain drill. He also had a McCormick reaper, a corn binder, and a manure spreader. There also was an Innes wheat shocker.

Here's a 1936 Chevy 1 1/2 ton farm truck.

The blacksmith was making knives from railroad spikes, and a woodcarver was making spoons.

One of the first tractors that we looked at was this 1940 General. This thing was labled "Oliver", but was obviously home-made.

Here's a nice collection of implements.

A set of minature tractors including an Allis-Chalmers 'G', a John Deere 'LA', an IHC 'H', an Oliver, and a Cockshutt.

This engine is running, as you can see, and an IHC Model 'M' sitting behind it. A very nice New Holland sits on the trailer.

I wish I'd have noted the make of these garden tractors. This one is gorgeous, this one is displayed nicely, here's a couple more, followed by a row of 'em. These garden tractors would probably work well in the wet conditions!

These guys were shelling corn, using 3 tractors! (here's a shot from the other side) And there's always a sawmill; this one is driven by an International 706 via the PTO.

And finally, the Neil Armstrong Museum. Out front, there's an F5D SkyLancer, once flown by Mr. Armstrong, from the side, and from the front. The Aeronca 7AC Champion in which Armstrong learned to fly is inside.

Prior to the Apollo moon missions, there were several Gemini missions. Two astronauts would spend up to several days in one of these capsules!

This is the seismometer experiment that was left on the moon by Apollo 11, and the drill that was used to see what was beneath the surface. The Apollo missions were boosted into space by a Saturn rocket that had several of these motors.

There are a few artifacts from the early days of aviation, including part of a Wright Model 'G' aeroboat and one of its engine cylinders and the camshaft.

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