SouthEast Michigan Antique Tractor
and Engine Association's 8th Annual show
This is a listing of pictures from the SouthEast Michigan Antique Engine
and Tractor Association show, July 18 -> 20, 1997 at Nike Park, just
north of Monroe, MI. Pictures taken by Jim Dunmyer with an Epson Photo
PC camera. The park is very nice, with lots of shade; this makes it
great for vistors and exhibitors, but does make it difficult to take
good pictures!
Front row of tractors, all John Deere.
Another view of a bunch of tractors
Ray Willey's 16HP Jones Engine
From the other side; note the radiator.
Closeup of the governor. For first prize, describe how it works!
Garden tractors
A really nice DuAll, about 1950 vintage. Sign on the front says,
"Treat this like another man's wife: look, but don't touch!"
Nice 30 HP Cooper-Bessemer 2-stroke engine (running at the moment)
Another view of the Cooper
Air compressor setup, used to start the Cooper
Blacksmith, working his forge
Ray Willey's half-scale sawmill. It'll handle logs up to about 12"
diameter X 8' long and is happiest with 8" X 6' size. Blade is 27"
diameter, and it just does an awful nice job of sawing. Ray's on the J-D
Model 'H', his boy Chris is sawing.
Another view of the mill
Here, we have TWO John Deere Model 'H' tractors belted to the
Splitting a 6X6 timber
Closeup of one of Ray's Model 'H' tractors
John Deere LA, with buzzsaw mounted
We're buzzing up the slabwood with the Model 'LA'
A really nice J-D 70 Diesel. You can see the distributor for the V-4
gasoline starting engine, just above the belt pulley
J-D Model '40' combine, this machine is for sale
Massey-Harris combine
Minneapolis-Moline tractor. Still has the "Twin Cities" moniker on
the radiator
Closeup of the brass carburator on a J-D "General Purpose" or 'GP'.
Note the water line from the head into the carb; this was to add water
to the fuel/air mix to reduce detonation when using kerosene fuel.
J-D Model '80' Diesel, vintage 1953
J-D Model 'R' Diesel, vintage 1949
Operator's platform of Model 'R'. Those 2 levers and 3 knobs on the
LH side of the dash are for operating the starting engine to crank the
A pair of Gibson garden tractors
Pristine Ford Model '8N'
Another '8N', this one with a Chevy V-8
Ford Model '2N', vintage 1940 or so
J-D Model 'GP'
A 'train' made from plastic barrels, pulled by a modified Wheel Horse
garden tractor
A pair of Maytag engines (yes, they powered a washing machine at one
If you have your John Deere engine running, all you have to do is
hold the steel wool on the flywheels to polish 'em up.
Model hit 'n miss engine, stands maybe 14" high
J-D Model 'L' with some sort of paddle-wheel extensions on the rear
Row of gas engines
Trailer with a hit 'n miss engine and a J-D "LUC Power Unit". The
latter is a 2-cylinder flathead engine with a clutch and gearbox, used
to drive the old J-D pull-type combines and balers.
Restored l Allis-Chalmers Mode'G', being raffled in Adrian, MI in
Oliver/Hart-Parr 18-35. This became the Oliver 80 Standard at a later
"Old Reliable" home-made truck, from the LH side
"Old Reliable" from the RH side
Closeup of "Old Reliable" power train. It uses a Yanmar Diesel
engine, an Eaton hydrostatic drive, a Ford Escort transaxle, a Model 'T'
front axle, Model 'A' wheels in rear and home-made wheels in front.
Along with miscellaneous other pieces of junk. er, goodies. This thing
was really neat, and the fella who built it spent only a year on the
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