The Sandusky County (Ohio) Restorers of Antique Power (S.C.R.A.P) held
their 9th annual show on Labor Day weekend, 1997. Jim Dunmyer attended,
accompanied by his wife, Jan and his Epson Photo PC digital camera. We
took pictures of stuff that interested us, mostly going for things that
we'd not seen before. So, you won't see many pictures of John Deere
'B's, run of the mill hit 'n miss or Maytag engines, etc.
The Members of SCRAP did a fine job of putting on the show at the White
Star Park just south of Gibsonburg, OH. They had live music, back-seat
driving contests, horse-drawn plowing, threshing and baling, and more. A
fairly extensive flea market area was very busy, and we even saw someone
making ketsup over an open fire!
Here's an overall view of just a few of the tractors in attendance.
One of the more-unusual tractors was this 1936 Wantabe, made from
Model 'A' and truck parts. It had 2 transmissions, driving into a truck
rear axle.
There were many very nice tractors including this Avery and one of
several Farmall F12s. This backwards International 'H' was going
to be sold at the consignment auction on September 1st. Someone said
that it looked like it was part of a cotton picker.
The only steamer in evidence was this home-made truck, with the
engine beneath the seat. We did see a small single-cylinder upright
engine sitting by itself in the display area.
This is a 1950 LeRoi TractAir air compressor. It uses an
Allis-Chalmers engine, LeRoi compressor, and Centaur rear end.
Here's a 1913 Buckeye Ditcher, LH front view, RH front view, and
view of the operator's station. It has a 10 HP engine on it.
Making firewood is always a lot of work, so different devices were
dreamed up. Such as these 2 cross-cut saws (rear one being
hand-operated) and this tractor-powered saw. It must have been nice
in 1950 to be able to buy this Mall 2-man chain saw!
Of course, there were many engines on display. Here's a 'Woodpecker'
with a very unusual cooling hopper design. The same guy had a New
Holland single-flywheel engine.
This one appears to be some sort of marine engine.
This guy had a nice display, using some old boards to make a fence.
One of his items was a Maytag washing machine; he also had a
collection of Briggs & Stratton engines.
Here's a twin-cylinder engine of unknown make, model, and vintage.
This is the rear view of it.
Pete Willet had some of his collection, including an outhouse.
Pete's in the first picture, sitting on the trailer behind Jan.
There were a number of garden tractors, including this nice David
Bradley.  This thing isn't restored yet. And then there's this
home-made tractor with mother-in-law seat out front.
This fella has something useful to do with his engine!
Here's an engine with diaphragm pump; the discharge is the spout in
the foreground. It's running at the moment, as you can see.
Have you ever seen anything like this Bombardier track vehicle?
How about this single-cylinder Diesel with gear reduction?
A Blacksmith was there, and they were making ketsup.
One of the unique crafts was this marble dumper; the arm would rise,
pick up a single marble, lower and dump it in the bowl, and do it again.
He was getting $49.00 and up for these gadgets!
A number of old trucks were on display, including this 1935 Ford
semi-tractor. This is a 1923 Model 'T' truck, and as viewed from the
RH side. Here's a beauty, along with another. This one is a
1920 Chevrolet.
Here's a 1945 Case 'tug' or 'mule'.
This is the LH view of a large Caterpillar power unit, and as seen
from the RH side. This was to be sold at auction.
This is a big 2-stroke engine; the same fella had this Jones
engine. He used this arrangement for a gas-pressure regulator, and
this 1941 GMC boom truck to lift the engines.
This Model 'T' kiddy-car appears to be commercialy manufactured.
A collection of outboard motors.
This truck might be home-made, but it might be commercial.
Here's a collection of "Johnson" engines.
This Hahn Eclipse mower is just like I used to use, except ours
didn't have the sulky, you had to walk!
It seems like every show has to have a Kiddie Train, but this one has
an especially nice locomotive.
A 2-cylinder Diesel generator unit.
And 2 balers, a 1935 'Dain Junior' John Deere, and a 1935 Ann
Arbor 16 X 18. They baled a lot of straw with that John Deere a bit
later in the day.
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