These are snapshots of the National Threshers' Association meeting at
Wauseon, OH, June 29, 1997. Taken with an Epson Photo PC. There's a bit
of redundancy, and I threw away a few pictures. There were about 40
Steam Engines there, most under steam and working at various things.
               Jim Dunmyer, June 29, 1997
39 View from grandstand, looking to East and South
40 View from grandstand, looking due East
41 View from grandstand, looking East and North toward tractor area
01 Massey-Harris 4WD (1936 vintage)
02 Massey-Harris, about 1936
03 John Deere 820 Diesel
04 Overall view of a portion of the tractor area
05 International-Harvester, about 1916 vintage
05A Another view of 1916 I-H tractor
06 J-D Crawler Model 'M'. Model 'G' next to it.
07 View from a hill, Cat crawler with J-D LA behind it.
08 View from the hill, looking down the row of steamers
09 Another view from hill. Algore and Carol Browner wouldn't be happy
   with this!
10 Lookit all those tractors!
11 Baker gas tractor with canopy
12 Cat '30' crawler; I think that's a Huber behind it.
13 A pair of beautiful Silver King tractors. Trivia: The Silver King was
   built by Faith-Root-Heath in Plymouth, OH, and was originally called
   the "Plymouth" tractor until the motor-car company of the same name
   objected. I've seen a couple of tractors with "Plymouth" cast in the
   radiator grille.
14 A sideways radiator!
15 Minneapolis-Moline "Universal" tractor
16 One of John Deere's first 4WD tractors, built in 1960 or '61. There
   were only about 100 made, and it uses a GM engine. (look closely at
   the blower) It sold for about 30 grand back then.
17 Scale model steam traction engine with "Baker Fan"
18 Vertical boiler, powering vertical steam engine, running a buzz saw.
   This entire rig is home-made. Engine, boiler, and all.
19 Big steamer (Minneapolis) belted up to sawmill.
20 Behind the engine, looking toward mill.
21 Taken from behind LH side of engine.
22 view of belt drive to mill
23 overall shot of sawmill. There's a scale model behind the belt,
   hooked up to an edger saw.
24 We're taking a slab cut here, got a couple of guys riding on the
   carriage. You can see the sawdust drag just to the right of the saw.
25 Taking the first board after the slab cut.
26 Edger saw behind belt, buzz saw rig in background. (see #18)
27 Sure wish you could HEAR the big Minneapolis pulling!
30 View from Left Front of Ben Carpenter's Frick 12-36, with Ben in
   front of it.
31 Closeup of Ben himself.
28 Rear view of Ben's engine
29 View from operator's platform
32 Another 12-36 Frick. This one has about 6 different whistles, and is
   the first steam engine I ever ran (back in about 1963)
33 Veneer cutter. Prony Brake dynomometer at RH side, water wagon in
34 Electric Dynomometer (generator isn't connected to scale at present)
35 Another view of electric dynomometer
36 Shingle mill
37 Bucyrus-Erie crane
38 Pull-type road grader
42 Overall view of threshing operation, Russell engine driving seperator
44 Closer view of seperator (threshing machine)
45 Closer yet, notice straw blower and grain running down chute into
46 Good shot of straw being blown onto stack
47 View of "power truck" taken from LH rear. This thing has TWO Ford
   Flathead V8s, driving 2 rear axle units through individual
   transmissions. It was used to power a sawmill, thresher, and other
   operations during its life. Originally built in 1940 or '41.
   Belt-driven gadget between radiators is the governor.
49 View of Power truck from RH side. Note big wooden pulley and clutch
   handle (near radiator)
48 Ford 'AA' dump truck, vintage 1931
   Now, we're going to plow some sod with steam traction engines. There will be 3
        rigs plowing, with 5, 6, and 8-bottom plows.
50 Dropping 5-bottom plow into furrow
51 And away we go!
52 We have company!
53 Down the field we plow
60 And back we come
61 From the plowed side. The second steamer is pulling 6 bottoms
54 Another plowing rig. Eight bottoms, with one operator for each
   2-bottom section.
55 Same rig, from the rear
56 Small Rumley Oil Pull 16-30 tractor
57 Closeup of decal on side of radiator housing. Exhaust discharged into
   base of stack, creating draft over cooling coils in box
58 View from LH front. Note starting handle in front of flywheel and
   exhaust pipe going into cooling stack
59 View from operator's platform. Exposed rocker arms, carburator, etc.
62 One of the larger steamers, with my wife standing next to it.
63 International-Harvestor 12 HP gas engine. The box with screen behind
   engine is the "radiator".
64  Vertical-cylinder pumping engine
65  Maytag washer with gas engine
66  Three nice walk-behind garden trators
67  Two trailers, front one with vintage B & S engines, rear one with
    gas-powered cross-cut saw.
68  Our little engine is driving the ice-cream machine. (it's running as
    this was taken)
69  Table of model engines
70  Is this a beautiful little walking-beam engine, or what?
72  This is the damndest thing I've ever seen with the square gears
    instead of a crankpin!
73 Another beautiful little walking-beam engine
74  This guy has a table-full of model engines
75  And when I told him what I was doing, he asked me to tell you about
    his casting kits. They're $150.00; call Terry Short at 419-698-8401
    for details.
76  Someone had a display of model wagons. These 2 had price tags of
    $1295.00 and $795.00. They looked gorgeous!
Fordson Tractor
Cat D4
Hart-Parr 10-30 gas tractor. H-P was the predecessor of Oliver tractor Co.
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