North American Model Engineering Society ( NAMES)
1998 Show, Yack Arena, Wyandotte, MI
By Jim Dunmyer

The NAMES group held its 9th annual show on April 25 & 26. I attended, taking my Epson Digital Camera along and took a bunch of pictures. Unfortunately, my pocket recorder seemed to be on the fritz, so I was unable to record descriptions and am going from memory as I make this page. <<sigh>>

The arena is fairly small, and was packed with models of all sorts and many people. It was well-organized, with off-site overflow parking and shuttle busses running every 15 minutes. The lighting could have been better, but most pictures turned out OK anyway. There were many vendors in attendance, selling tooling, raw material, books, plans, and casting kits. The models ran the gamut from a miniature steam engine running on the air from a balloon to a steam locomotive that was at least 8 feet long. Many of the gas engines were running, as evidenced by the blurred flywheels. They had compressed air available to run the steamers, and many were in operation. I've attempted to catagorize things as seemed appropiate; I only wish I hadn't filled the camera!

FlyWheel type engines:
This Stove Pipe Domestic from a Dick Shelly kit had a unique brass water jacket.and it is a 1/2 scale of a 1 1/2 hp engine. Here's a New Holland, from a 7 Mountains kit; it is a 1/2 scale of a 1/2hp and has 6" flywheels and is mounted on a pyramid box. Followed by a 1/3-scale John Deere  from a casting kit by Dinky Dears ($875.00) This IHC is a 1/4 scale of a 4HP Hopper Cooled Famous by M & E  products Engine Kit $650 Truck Kit $450.00; here's an engine with a clutch. It is an unpainted 4 hp screen cooled IHC Famous by M & E Engine Kit 800.00. This beauty  is a 4 hp Hopper Cooled Famous by M & E. This is by Red Wing Motor Co. This engine with water pump is a Monitor VJ-1 Pumpjack by Ron Bracken of Alma, Mi.all-brass. This oddball is an Atkinson Differential 4 cycle  This Aermotor is a 8 cycle and is from an old kit from California long out of production and has an attached water pump. Here's a whole collection. And this Galloway on a a 1/3 scale of 5 hp Round Rod from a kit by Dick Schelly of Pa.  This one with a different water hopper is a canfield from a kit by Debolt Machine of Zanesville Oh.. This little guy has a radiator,  it is an Allman, 1/3 scale from a kit by Debolt Machine and is an inverted vertical, governed by flyweights operating a wedge type hit & miss system and the cam gear utilizes an eccentric rather than a cam lobe. Here's a collection, including a radial aircraft engine that is a picture of models selected for public vote for best show. One of note is a small Associated on the far end of the table that uses a Pieso Electric Crystal for a mag to fire spark plug. . And this Mery engine and is a 1/4 scale replica of a rare six cycle, double acting engine from Morrison & Martin Engine Works of Benton City Wa. These were sold during the transition from steam to gas thus the steam engine look.that was there. (this is a double-acting gas engine)
Aircraft Engines:

These ran the gamut: Here's a 9-cylinder Bristol sleeve-valve engine. A 5-cylinder radial, with prop. How about an 18-cylinder radial? (from the other side) And an inline 4-cylinder with prop. This is a replica of the Wright Brothers' first engine. I think this is a replica of an OX-5. A Pratt & Whitney radial from the rear and from the front. Another radial, and another 18-cylinder radial. (you can buy the plans, according to the sign on the table) And a whole collection of aircraft engines.

Steam Engines:

Starting with this collection of different styles, then on to this triple-expansion engine, we go to this very unusual engine that has no connecting rod in the usual sense. And a real nice walking beam engine. A steam punch press. I think this is 2 engines and a water pump. Here's a couple of beauties. This little tyke runs on the air from a balloon!

Railroad stuff:
Here's a nice locomotive from the rear, and again from the front. A smaller locomotive, followed by a locomotive crane. Here's another locomotive crane. There was lots more railroad stuff that I didn't get pictures of, sorry. And a steam shovel on tracks.
Stirling (hot air) engines:

This one is made mostly of wood and is driving a mechanical "kissing machine". The Hot End is made from coffee cans. This one is running from the heat in the lady's hand. Here's the Side Winder.  Another fine Stirling engine made partly from coffee cans. And one with a vacuum guage attached.

Tractors, etc.

Starting with the perennialy-popular John Deere 'D', we move on to this IHC 10-20 (one of TWO!) A steam traction engine, alongside another. This is a replica of a home-made tractor (original made in 1913) There was a replica of some sort of steam-powered wagon, from the front and from the rear. Here's a stationary baler. And a replica of a Tiger Moth airplane. There were several replicas of a complete turn of the century machine shop with line shaft and machines. Here's a shot of one (notice the office on the left) and a closer shot of the shop floor. Here's another model of an old machine shop. I can't fit this thing into a catagory so I'll put it here. It has a motor driving a mechanism that makes the 2 women pump water to drive a water wheel that cranks some gears and pitches a golf ball into a hopper. We also had a complete oil field setup with the "Power" and a Ried engine.This is a Reid engine, a 1/4 scale model of the 6hp Joseph Reid Clerk cycle engine w/1.5" bore x 3/5" stroke from a kit by Burns & Horner Of New Carlisle Here's a Bay City crawling derrick. A dynamometer to check the power. Here's a gas engine, driving an air compressor, providing power to a minature steam traction engine. And one of several Gatling guns.

Automotive-syle engines:

Here's a raw casting for a Chevy V8 engine. A 4-cylinder inline engine with matching toolbox. Ford V8s are popular as there are two of 'em. Here's a DOHC (see the timing belt?) and a 4-banger and V8. Another, older-style 4-cylinder engine.

Tools & Equipment:

Here's a Sherline milling machine with rotary table, and a Sherline lathe. This fella made a turret lathe and had so much fun at it that he made another.
Download all the pictures (4.5 megs)

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