Military Vehicle Rally & Show, 1997
A Military Vehicle Rally & Show was held at Monroe County, Michigan's
Nike Park on August 8, 9, and 10th. It was sponsored by the 1st Michigan
Arsenal of Emocracy Chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation
Association. There were approximately 50 military vehicles, ranging from
a WWII motorcycle to a small tank. A small flea market area featured
sales of various components, bits & pieces, and memorabilia.
Pictures were taken by Jim Dunmyer
on the morning of the 9th with an Epson Photo PC camera.
There were several of these "Mules", a small 4-wheel-drive flat-bed
vehicle. Some had recoiless rifles (105MM) mounted, and are powered
by a small air-cooled engine mounted under the rear.
There were quite a number of trucks, including this 1954 GMC M-211
Cargo Truck with HydroMatic transmission. Here's a 1941 Dodge "Command
Car" 4X4, followed by a 1959 Diamond T Cargo Hauler.
Several motorcycles were in evidence: This first one is a
single-cylinder job of WWII vintage. Parked next to it is a "Ural
Sportster", a BMW knockoff that has a differential so both rear wheels
drive. And a 1942 Harley-Davidson.
This machine is a Chenowith "Fast Attack & Strike Vehicle", basically
a VW-powered dune buggy that shoots back. They still use these at the Nuclear
Test Site in Nevada. Probably mostly for fun! 
Here's another strange one, called a "Weasel", and made by Studebaker. 
 It'll apparently traverse fairly deep water, but isn't really amphibious,
being meant more for ice and snow.
Here's a 1942 Stuart light tank; and a view from the rear.
A different-looking truck that had no ID, but sure looked uncomfortable to drive!
It is a British or Canadian-built outfit, and is really kinda ugly.
There's a whole row of Jeeps, including this 1943 Ford GPW; here's
a closeup of the sign.
This Jeep is equipped to carry stretchers on the hood, while this one
was used by the SAS, British Special Air Services against Rommel in
the African Desert. They even equipped Jeeps with rail wheels so they
could act as a locomotive, pulling rail cars equal to 10 2 1/2 ton
trucks at up to 20 MPH.
A more-modern Jeep-type vehicle is this 1961 AMC Mighty Mite, equipped
for deep-water fording. Of course, the driver and passenger would get
pretty wet!
The WWII-vintage jeeps didn't go too fast (about 35 MPH) because they
had a pretty small engine. Note the double batteries; most military
vehicles have 24/28 volt electical systems.
Here's a 1943 Willys MB "rolling chassis" so you can see all the
major components.
It was common for Jeeps to be adapted to unusual uses; here's an
amphibian. It has a propeller and rudder and a capstan rope
winch on the front, driven by this in/out clutch arrangement.
A French-made Hotchkiss 25MM (1" bore) field piece was on display, as
was a 1942 Dodge ambulance.
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