The village of Luckey, OH had their annual Fall Festival on Sept. 26,
27, and 28 in 1997. Jim Dunmyer attended with his Epson Photo PC and
took a few pictures to share.
This festival is just that; there is a huge chicken roast put on by the
American Legion, and lots & lots of flea market activity. The latter had
crafts, old-timey stuff, and bricabrack. There wasn't a huge number of
engines, but there was a fair representation; largest being about 15HP.
There was quite a number of tractors and a consignment auction also.
"Maytag Mark" from Bluffton, OH was there with a few Maytags and a
Scott & Ewing 1 HP vertical hit 'n miss. Here's Mark himself, the trailer with
engines, and a closeup shot of the hit 'n miss. If you look in the
background of the picture of Mark, you can see Pete Willett's stuff,
outhouse and all. That Scott & Ewing was manufactured in Mark's hometown of 
Bluffton, OH and is SN 9412.
This is a 1907 International Famous, 3HP, owned by Doug Swisher from Rawson, OH.
There was a nice Jones, about 15 HP size, and this 1900 Spang
2-stroke engine. It has hot-tube ignition, and was running when this
picture was taken. This is the drive side of a Reid, and another shot
of the other side. Note the small 'pumping cylinder' alongside the
main cylinder. This one was missing a flywheel, but it seemed to run
OK anyway. And here's a trailerful of unrestored iron. This Economy
was especially nice all mounted on trucks.
Leroy Clark sent me this picture of an engine that was at the show, but
that I missed. It's home-made, based on a waterpump!
This is a picture of a 20 Kohler light plant, about 2KW in size. That
little 4-cylinder engine is only about a foot long. Here's the
carburetor side. Look at the first picture again and see if you can
spot something that is very unusual for this type of engine. Hint: look
at the parting line of the head/block and note where the sparkplugs are.
There's always some toys; here's a model of an International 'H' tractor
with a lawnmower engine for power. It looks just as good from
the other side, and appears to be about 1/3 to 1/2 scale.
Big boys' toys are such as this super-modified golf cart. This other fella
made this Diesel-powered garden tractor, with a wide seat so both
he and his wife could ride. It has a 2-cylinder air-cooled engine.
I took only a few pictures of the many very nice tractors there. This is a
1921 Samson Model 'M'. It has an unusual-looking final drive. This
1925 Model 'L' Rumely Oil Pull tractor is the smallest I've ever
seen, yet still uses the same starter lever on the LH side. This John
Deere Model 'L' is of 1939 vintage.
There was a primitive encampment which included this tepee, this
tent, the Thunder Lodge, and this guy, who really looked the
The Legion fellas did roast a few chickens, as you can see by this
overall shot. I heard the number '2000' connected to this operation.
I suppose AlGore and Carol Browner will put a stop to this one of these
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