We attended the Findlay, OH Steam Thresher's and Gas Engine/Tractor show
on August 2, 1997. As usual, we (Jim and Jan Dunmyer) had our Epson
Photo PC Digital Camera, and we took a bunch of pictures to share with
you. Our own Ben Carpenter had his 'new' 16 HP Frick there, but I didn't
take any pictures of it this time. There are some on the 5 Points Show
page. Although there were only 9 steam traction engines, there were MANY
gas tractors, and MANY gas engines, some very unusual.
First off is this home-made traction engine that uses a vertical boiler
and engine. (those components are original) And a view from the
Operator's Platform.
This Altman-Taylor was at 5 Points, but I got a couple of better
pictures of the drive shaft and bevel gear drive. Note the
steering mechanism (typical for these machines)
This is a quartering view of a Case 65 HP and a closeup of the
Case Eagle.
I forgot to note the manufacturer of this Avery 'under engine' outfit. The
engine is under the boiler! Here's a shot from the operator's platform.
Some folks like to build minatures; this one is about half-scale (Jan
standing next to it)
This is a Wards tractor, 1952 vintage.
And an Oliver Crawler Loader
A 1919 Fordson that probably didn't look this good when Grandpa
bought it!
Did your I-H 560D look this good, John?
Late-model Cockshutt tractor
Nice-looking Twin Cities/Minneapolis-Moline
This tractor is a "Mogul", I think an 8-16 Model, made by International Harvestor
I took a closeup of the nameplate, but the contrast isn't good enough to read. 
It has only one cylinder, easily accessable for maintenance.
An old sugar beet loader, powered by a Wisconsin V-4 engine.
You might think that Pontiac invented 'Wide Track', but I think this
 Oliver crawler predates that!
Of course, the Cletrac predates Oliver crawlers.
I think it says 'Harsmann, built 1932-39' on the side.
If conditions were really sticky, you might need this crawler cultivator in your corn.
Did Huber have the right idea with this East/West engine and radiator?
Of course, some guys like to make home-made tractors; this one has a
Ford flathead V8.
A 'Leader' tractor, built in 1946
In 1921, you could buy a Cletrac Model 'F'; here's a second one.
This 1880's vintage Corn Planter required 2 people to operate it. The
woman on the front cycled the control lever to drop grain while her
husband drove the team and controlled the depth.
A whole yard full of toy tractors.
And there's always the guys who will build half-scale John Deere 'LA's
or J-D Model 'H' tractors. Jan is standing next to them to show
the scale.
One of the parking lot shuttles was horse-drawn.
Some guys made their scale models even smaller. (but still big enough
for the grandkids to ride!)
There were a couple of chainsaw carvers showing their wares, sculpted right here.
Even the kids have to ride!
Scale model hit 'n miss engines, running at the moment.
This fella has a home-made 'trike' with sidecar to save his feet.
A Riding Cultivator that needs a new home
This is the first John Deere LUC power unit that I've seen with
electric start.
A home-brew tractor with a '47 Crosley engine. Notice how the water
pump is on the side of the block, direct-coupled to the generator. Same
fella had another '47 Crosley engine.
A Guiberson Radial Diesel engine; here's the description and a rear and front view.
 You could start it with this shotgun shell arrangement.
Fairbanks 20 HP twin-cylinder Diesel engine
Gasoline water-cooled twin-cylinder light plant
And another light plant
An EARLY outboard motor!
Model 'T' Ford converted to a tractor.
Combination gas engine/air compressor. The compressor is the horizontal
Nice little 4-cylinder light plant
Three-inch Scale Model 65 HP Case steamer
Schramm Pneumatractor, LH side view, RH side view, and
Operator's Console. Note the manifolds; this is a 6-cylinder engine that
has been modified to run on 3 cylinders and pump air from the rear 3.
Built in 1972.
This lady is kick-starting her Maytag washer, which is much more
modern than this one, let alone THIS contraption! (the last one is
operated by pulling back and forth on the lever at the LH side)
I think this was a 'WinCharger', driven by what appears to be a
twin-cylinder Maytag engine.
A twin-cylinder Maytag engine with exhaust pipe and muffler.
How's about a 'squirrel gun'?  See the squirrel's tail on the barrel?
Three walk-behind garden tractors on crawler tracks!
You can use these garden tractors if condtions aren't so bad.
A popcorn machine, powered by a steam engine. (this is an original!)
A 10-HP Stickney, an unusual-looking thing.
OK Marge, hold your tounge just right while I crank 'er up!
Of course, we have to have the fella selling the bug juice that
allows you to run your engine without any oil in it.
A 10-car kiddies' train, made from old oil drums.
Here's some shots of a fella sawing lumber with a Wood-Mizer portable
band mill. He takes a slab cut, cuts a board, and another board
(note just-cut board waiting to be dragged away during the cut). There's
a hydraulic log turner, operated by the controls near the tounge
of the trailer. This guy makes his living cutting specialty hardwoods
and custom sawing with the Wood-Mizer!
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