Wisconsin Steam Engine Club's annual show in Chilton, WI


Hi Folks!  Here are some pictures from the Wisconsin Steam
Antique Engine Club's annual show in Chilton, WI.
The Show dates were August 9-10, 1997.
The first three pictures are of my own show site.
Pictures 01 and 02 are two views of my 1949 David Bradley walk-behind
tractor and implements.  You will see the tractor with cultivator,
disc, spike harrow, plow, and on the far side, a snowthrower.
There are also a home made sulkey and trailer.
Picture 03 is my 1918 3hp Hercules model E happily huffing away.
Picture 04 is a 1920 Hercules model E
Picture 05 is a 1915 Gilson "Goes Like Sixty" 5hp engine built in
Port Washington, WI.
The next four engines are owned by John Drumm of Manitowoc, WI.
It would be worth the trip to meet this man.  He has dozens of engines
in his collection.  Many of them are rare or one of a kind.
Picture 06 has a short story.  This engine was constructed as an
industrial arts project at Ironwood H.S. in Ironwood, MI between
1924 and 1929.  The student was given the drawings upon beginning
the course, and he made the parts one by one, including castings,
over the course of the next 4 years.  The engine had to run to graduate.
John also has the original engineering drawings for this engine.
Picture 07 is a 1910 Northwestern 5hp #4039 built in Eau Claire, WI.
Picture 08 is a 1917 Worthington Ingeco 3hp #24778
Pictures 09 and 10 are of a 1912 Thompson Tiger 2hp #5003.
This was the first year of manufacture for this engine, and they
are very rare now.  Thompson engines were built in Beloit, WI.
The next three pictures are Lauson engines, built in New Holstien, WI.
Picture 11 is a small Lauson about 1 1/2 hp
Picture 12 is 6hp Lauson screen cooled engine on full running gear.
Picture 13 is another beautifully restored Lauson.  This one is 18HP!!
Picture 14 is a 1917 Fuller & Johnson 1 1/2hp on a nice cart.
Picture 15 is a Nelson Brothers Little Jumbo
Picture 16 is a Sandow #58188.  I don't know anything more about it.
Picture 17 is a 1915 Witte drag saw outfit.  The owner was selling the
"rounds" to spectators for souveniers.
Pictures 18 and 19 are of a 15hp Ried engine with hot tube ignition.
This engine drew a big crowd when the owner started it up.  He only ran
it for about 10 minutes each hour because it is pretty loud.
The next two pictures are engines owned by Larry Winger of Chilton, WI.
He collects only Stover engines and has quite a few of them.
Picture 20 is a wide shot of his site showing all of the engines he
had on display.  He has more Stovers at home.
Picture 21 is one of the few Stover 1/2hp style AC Duro Engines that
were made by the company.  This one is very rare.  Page 491 of the
yellow American Gas Engines Since 1872 book.
Picture 22 is a nicely restored David Bradley Tri-Trac.  These were
manufactured between 1951 and 1953.  Note that the plow is dirty.  He
gave a plowing demonstration at the show.  Works very nice.
Picture 23 is a 1949 Sandard Twin walk-behind tractor.  Compare this to
my 1949 David Bradley (pic's 01 and 02), and you can see how advanced the
David Bradley design was compared to the competition of the time.
Picture 24 is a nicely restored 1947 Rototiller.  These were manufactured
by Graham Paige Motors Corp. in Willow run, Michigan.  It is powered by a
two-cycle engine.
Can you identify Picture 25?  He calls it a "wormmobile".  It was built in
the early '50's copying a 1923 Fordson design of a screw drive attachment
for use in the snow.  There is a separate clutch and transmission for each
side.  It goes forward, Backward, sideways, and spins zero radius circles.
He drove it in the parade SIDEWAYS!
Nelson Johnsrud
Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA
Collector of antique engines and
lawn and garden equipment
Email to: gop4evr@lsol.net