The Five Points Threshers' Association held its annual reunion on July
20, 1997. Jim Dunmyer attended and took these pictures with his Epson
Photo PC digital camera.
Unknown engine of 5-8 HP, blows a plastic jug out of the stack. If
the fella dropped it in the stack at just the right moment, it'd go
50-75 feet in the air when she fired!
The engine ran this contraption, which milled this propeller for a
kid's "WhatZit"
This Carving Machine and this Sanding Machine made these
walking sticks
This Shingle Machine is seen here in action driven by this John Deere 'B'
tractor. Made the old girl snort, too!
This is a nice Jones engine, about 12 HP, and as seen from the other
side, showing the clutch and belt pulley
This engine is a 4HP Domestic that uses a low-tension magneto.
Here's a closeup of the governor mechanism.
Here's a table of model engines and another, this one with a bunch
of hot-air engines.
A 2-cylinder "Light Plant" with its control panel
Another hit 'n miss (hopper-cooled) gas engine
A trailer with old, unrestored, iron
Do you think the chrome stack was stock in 1950?
A small, unrestored Oil Pull tractor. Here's how you crank it.
A 1939 International crawler tractor. It's a Diesel, but can you see
the magneto?
Nice Caterpillar D2 Diesel crawler. The gasoline starting engine on
this one is electric start, but if that fails, you can always use a rope!
Great-looking Frick Eclipse steam engine, being used to make steamed corn on the cob!
The "Miss Fit" has a Crosley OHC engine, 2 transmissions, and a
2-speed truck axle, with a total of 600:1 reduction. It'll go REALLY
slow. And because of all the weight, it'll pull most of these
tractors backwards!
Overall view of the Sawmill. It has a unique auger for sawdust
removal and a tumbling bar drive. Power is being provided
by this Russell steam engine. Here's some of the lumber that's been sawed.
Notice the black walnut.
This Mack Truck was used for hauling some of the equipment in. It
started and ran like it was brand-new.
This is our own Ben Carpenter's newest 16HP Frick steamer. Here's
Ben on the back, and a closeup of the engine, showing the governor
and lubricator.
Did you ever notice the Steering mechanism on those things?
How about this one? The angled shaft is the drive shaft with bevel gears on both ends!
Here's a load of wheat bundles going to the seperator (threshing
machine) It had been cut and shocked a couple of weeks before, and
loaded onto the wagon by hand
One of the larger engines driving the threshing machine,
seperating the grain from the straw. The engine requires a lot of
water while working, so we have a water wagon to haul that.
Here's a 1939 WD-40 McCormick-Deering Diesel tractor on steel. A
RH View, showing the carburator, and a LH View, showing the
injection pump.
This is a restored Minneapolis-Moline, set up for propane fuel.
A Farmall 'H' tractor and a 'General', made by the Cleveland
Tractor Company.
I think this is a Baker gas tractor. Notice that the cylinders are cast in pairs.
Here's a nice-looking John Deere Model 'H'. Notice the belt pulley;
it's large diameter and runs BACKWARDS! (it's mounted on the end of the
camshaft, not the crankshaft like all other J-D tractors.)
A John Deere Model 'M'; it uses a 2-cylinder vertical engine.
There were a number of old trucks there, including this 1928 REO
SpeedWagon, all original, including the crankup bed hoist!
This White semi-tractor was there, other older trucks behind it.
An overall shot of some of the tractors
If you got tired of walking, there was a wagon, pulled by a team of horses
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