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Here are some additional pictures of the restoration process of the empire.
My Father and I finally got the block to the point where it looked pretty clean... I think that this engine must have been partially submerged in concrete at some point during it's life! We had to hand scrape and pick a lot of the crud which had accumulated on this engine because it was so thick. The base of this engine is hollow so there were many nooks and crannies for it to hide. This picture shows the block after I had put a few coats of paint on it.
Here the engine is loosely bolted together... I wanted to see what it would look like with all the parts back on it. I usually like to smooth most of my restorations out with body filler or sandable primer but I decided to leave engine "rough" due to coarseness of the casting. It would take me forever to get it smooth!
Here is an additional picture of the engine loosely assembled. As you can see, the engine is actually dark blue in color - the picture before this one is somewhat misleading. The color is some sort of "Ford" blue.
So far, it has been necessary to replace several parts. A list of what has been replaced is as follows:
  • Piston Rings (The old ones were grossly worn)
  • Brass magneto strap (it was gone)
  • Every spring on the engine (Mag, pushrod, etc.)
  • Misc. pins (detent, ignitor trip)
  • Pushrod (boy was this pitted)
  • Nearly every nut, bolt and stud on the engine

This engine still needs many more parts to complete the restoration... It's far from over. Some of the parts we still have to get are:
  • Oiler sight glass(es)
  • Splash guard
  • Gas Tank
  • A few other misc. springs
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