1914 Stover Model T
4 1/2 HP
Here are a few "Before" pictures of the Stover. Please forgive me as it
seems that day I wasn't really a good photographer. It was really the
The base right after opening up the clean-out hole.
Note rust inside!
The thing sets at a weird angle without the base.
This shot shows a little bit of how the head was
welded. Note the ignitor. Rebuilt by Ted
Another shot of the ignitor side. Note the 4 bolts
coming through the water hopper. If you have any
idea what these were for, please let me know. Also
there are 2 small holes on top of the water hopper.
A shot of the 30" flywheels.
A shot looking down to the crank and rod. Note the
need for crankguard.