My First
Old Iron
Well after seeing everybody else with a webpage, it almost makes you feel like less of a person without
one. So here goes my first attempt
My name is Rob Timm and I hail from Kings, Illinois. Kings is located in Northern Illinois about in the
middle of the state. (Actually I live closer to Holcomb, but who's to know the difference). When I'm not
out in the shed or the shop working on some old iron, I am working for the United States Postal Service. I
was a rural carrier until I had an accident on August 20, 1997. Since then I have been really on limited
duty and work at the main PO in Rockford. Anyway, Besides my wife, Cindy, I have three other tax
deductions; Katelyn (or Katie) 9, Amanda (Mandy) 5, and last but certainly not least, Michael (Butch !!) 3.
So as I really only have one good leg, you can see that they will be faster than me.
Enough about me, on to the goodies.......
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this thing is under
construction, so flames
and help is appreciated!