I don't have many, but the ones I have I think are a good start. I'd like to have a whole shed full,
but would need a bank full of money.

Below is a list of my engines in various stages of life or restoration. I hope to add more in the near
future. Although this is under construction, when it is all finished you will be able to click on the
name and see the picture of the engine.
1914 Stover T - 4 1/2 HP
IHC LA 3 - 5 HP, Hay Press
Engine, Radiator Cooled
John Deere Model E 1 1/2 HP
Other Misc. Engines and Motors
If anybody feels that they would like to add to this list by offering to sell (or even giving away!!!), Please
feel free to email me with a description and price.
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