Sundry's Antique Gas Engines and Tractors

Gas Engines, Tractors and Other Items Wanted


We are interested in any gas engine, tractor or piece if farm equipment built at a factory here in the state of Minnesota.

Our highest priority is anything built by Kinnard-Haines and the Flour City line.  Some other manufacturers include:


Enterprise Machine Co (Westman)                Valentine Brothers (Imperial)                Red Wing

E.G. Hicks                                                   R.R. Howell                                        J.C. Shadegg

Rasberry Island                                            Underwood Machine Co                     Campbell Motor Co.

North Star Mfg                                             Stickney                                              Faribault Mfg

Waterous                                                      McCadden Machine Works                Kenyon-Rosing

Lincoln Fey                                                   Globe Iron Works (White)                  Edwards, Ellis & Cornell

Russell Grader                                               Diamond Iron Works

The bottom line is we have a soft spot for just about any old gas engine or old tractor!


Some specific parts we need are:

1.  Lunkenheimer 1 1/4 LH mixer for a 4hp Reeves engine

2.  Anything for a 6hp Emerson Brantingham engine

3.  Early style Domestic mixer and ignitor trip

4.  Cart for 1 3/4hp Stickney engine

We are also interested in early two cylinder and single cylinder tractors such as Flour City, Hart Parr, Rumely, Titan, Mogul, IHC and Eagle just to name a few.