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Stickney 1 3/4hp Gasoline Engine

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This engine has been mechanically restored from the bottom up.  Every piece was apart and fixed or replaced if needed. All of the work was performed by professionals.  Here is a summary of the work that was done:

Like many Stickneys, the block was cracked and has been welded.  It is a great job.

It is unlikely you will ever have to do another thing mechanically to this engine.  I will leave the painting up to you because some people prefer the rustic look.  Once an engine has been painted, it is hard to get that back.  I used the same logic with the gas tank.  Right now it is nice and shiny.  I have read that if you want an aged look, you can submerge the metal in a mixture of water and bleach.  This will supposedly dull the galvanizing to make it look old.

I had a hard time arriving at a price for this engine.  I had to pay quite a bit for it in rough condition and spent a lot of money getting it back to like new mechanical condition.  They do not come up for sale very often as they are a very desirable size in the Stickney line.  They are easy to move around and still retain the characteristics of their larger brothers.  The ones I have seen sell have brought between $8,000 and $11,600 and were in fair condition.  I have decided on $10,250 for this engine.

The engine can be seen in advance of purchase.  Email me and we can make arrangements.  I will crate and ship this engine to anywhere in the world if you schedule and pay for all of the shipping.  There will be a $75 crating fee to cover crating materials.  I can also store the engine at no additional cost for up to one year as long as it is paid for in advance.  I can also make arrangements to deliver the engine to the Coolspring show in June or the Rollag, MN show around Labor Day.