Stonewall Antique Power Association
Concord, VA. May 20 - 21, 2000

This was our first visit to this show and we regret that we haven't attended
before. The weather was beautiful, with a few threatening looking clouds,
which at times kept the sun from being as hot as at others. The staff and
exhibitors were all very friendly as we find at most of the shows we have
attended. This is the first show I have been able to use the new digital
camera, and I find that I still have a lot to learn as far as lighting and
resolution. We met our friends Dallas and Linda Cox from High Point, NC
and had some great visits with several club members who were very busy
keeping things running smoothly. Many thanks to all the members of this club
who made this a fun and relaxing experience!!

(click on images for a larger view)

The above pictures represent the engines shown by Tom Schmutz of Concord, VA.
Tom is the president of the club, and he must be proud of the performance of
the members of the club for putting on such a fine show. Tom's display included
his latest project, a 9 HP Economy shown at the left. The second picture is his
6 HP IHC Famous throttle governed, tank cooled. This engine chugged along
nice and steady most of the time we were there. The third engine is a 10 HP
Fairbanks Morse, owned by Pat Massie of Amherst, VA. This is Tom's next in
line for restoration. This engine should be a little easier than some of his
latest restorations, because at least it runs!! The last picture shows Tom's entire
show display, but he kind of gets lost in the picture ;-)

This engine is a 3 HP Fairbanks Morse owned and shown by
Julian Baldock, of Rustburg, VA. Julian was working hard helping Tom keep his
engines running as well as his own.

These two pictures show a fine example of
the Alpha Delaval line. This is a 3 HP model and is owned by Tom Weatherford, of
Big Island, VA. (sorry about the shadows. I need to work on that)

Phil Brooks of Lynchburg, VA had a nice
display which included a 5 HP Economy pictured with Phil, (left), and a 5 (?) HP Ottawa
dragsaw which is looking for a new home, (right). (Can't read my own scribbling;-( )

Robbie Harris of Lynchburg, VA is shown with his 12 inch Meadows
grist mill powered by a 3 HP Fairbanks Morse engine. His equipment always looks like
you could eat right off of it. Robbie is a Certified Clockmaker, and his display shows
the attention to detail one would expect from such a craftsman!

This engine is a 6 HP Economy shown by Rick Stancliff, Richmond, VA.
Rick has a neat transport for this engine, since it takes up very little space, and is very
accessible. (sorry again for the bad shadow)

Above are images of a nice running and well displayed 15 HP Pattin Bros. oilfield
engine, owned and shown by Calvin and Mary Williams of Gloucester, VA., shown
in the picture at the left. Calvin fabricated the water pump and made a wooden
pattern for a foundry to cast the eccentric out of brass. Connie and I had a great visit
with these folks who live not too far north of us.

George Evans of Concord, VA is shown here with his great models of
a water powered gristmill and ferris wheel. We had the pleasure of sitting at the same table
as George, his wife Frances, son Greg and daughter Ann. This family reflects the character
of the people we met here. We meet the greatest people in the world at these shows!!

Dennis Anderson, Lynchburg, VA was running
the 'Stonewall Choo Choo' all day long. Several other club members entertained the
children with activities such as the kiddy tractor pull, story telling, face painting, bean
bag toss, and balloons.

Left, this child is getting a custom face painting,
and right, Mary Kay Cvacho is shown here filling balloons. These folks were as busy as
Dennis keeping these future engine and tractor collectors entertained.

Finally, representative of the folks behind the
scenes, we have Millie Schmutz, and Marian Anderson. Millie, left, was hard at work in
the kitchen, and Marian Anderson, right, was keeping track of the exhibitors.


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