Stonewall 2001

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Dennis Anderson of Vinton, VA is shown here with the results of his winter's work. He has set up a lineshaft/jackshaft with a Nelson Bros "Little Jumbo" running a Goulds pump, a Deming pump, a grindstone, compressor, and a bubble machine. He also has his Lister engine running a burr mill.
Ken Cvacho of Forest, VA was here with his Fairbanks Morse light plant. It was rusting away in a field when found, and required a lot of elbow grease to get to the condition shown.

The four images above show a beautiful model of an American Sawmill built by Larry DuFour of Cary, NC. This was built from scratch from blueprints. The frame is built entirely of walnut donated by a good friend. He powers it with his scale model Case engine. Sorry about the picture on the right, since I had too much backlight and did not use the flash;-(
On the left is pictured one of the most innovative uses of an old euphonium I have ever seen! There is also a trombone bell stack at the back. This is really "stack music" :-)

George Evans of Concord, VA, is shown above on the left with his latest acquisition. A John Deere "AR". George put a lot of overtime in getting this tractor ready for the show since he got the engine on April 21. Pictured on the right is George's neat display of a Gristmill, a Ferris Wheel, and a merry-go-round.
Wilbur Haver of Dillwyn, VA Had a nice display of his engines shown at the left.

Members of the club are shown above baling hay with a stationary hay press and belted up to Tom Schmutz's 6 HP IHC "M"

Curtis Widrick of Lynchburg, VA was here with his display of Junkyard Art.

This trailer load was displayed by Ronnie Moore of Concord, VA. He was busy elsewhere so I didn't get a chance to visit.

John Wetsel of Amelia, VA is shown here with his neat Middleditch engine with a cast horses head muffler. The smoke comes out the horses nostrils and is a pretty ingenious display. Also shown is his 1 3/4 HP Gilson, and a 1 1/2 HP Gade. Wish I could have caught the smoke at the right time.

Here is a nice 10 HP IHC "Mogul" engine owned by John Burley of Amherst, VA. This was a local engine and the firm that sold it originally is still in business.

James Martin, Jr.of Gladys, VA proudly displays a 4 HP Stover "T", owned by himself and his uncle David Layne.

John W. Sink of Fincastle, VA is shown with his display of Delco light plants. John is very knowledgeable on these outfits and is glad to talk about them.

Here, we see members of the club demonstrating the rock crusher.