Deana and Arthur
Arthur :
I  was born on a cool Friday, January 16, 1942 in Arcadia, Florida. For the U.S.A. World War II had just started five weeks before. My father, being 35 years old at the time was exempted from military service , but was ordered into Civil Service at the Overhaul Depot in Sebring, Florida. I had the good luck to see a lot of neat equipment that was bound for the European Theater of War. What's left of that stuff today is antique! I have a few pieces of equipment from that era. A Homelite 120V, 400 Cycle field generator used by the signal corp. A special "military" voltage regulator that could be adjusted for high voltage output to run radio equipment.                                                                                    

Getting back on track a bit; since I was big enough to "pull up" and then walk, I have been "examining" mechanical things. The first item of note was mother's prewar Singer Sewing Machine. It came with a little tool kit. At the ripe old age of 18 months, I disassembled that Singer to the point it never sang again. The "Singer Man" couldn't put it back together again. That was my start on the road of tearing things up, finding the problem and then repairing same. Of course, in the early years, there were some items that didn't survive surgery. But, in time I got better.

At the present time I hold a certification as an ASE Automobile Master Mechanic (Technician) . I detest being called a Technician; I repair or rebuilt items that fail to get the vehicle back on the road. I can't abide Parts Changers! Granted, on today's autos, there are some parts that can't be repaired.
I'm also a certificated Airframe & Power Plant mechanic, a certificated Glider pilot, and Single Engine Land, Aircraft pilot. I'm presently in the process of rebuilding a 1960 Cessna 172B.

 Was born and raised in Indiana until she was nineteen.
She some how found her way to Arcadia in South Central Florida. She started her work career in the local high school as a Library Aide. For almost nineteen years Deana was Inventory Control person and Assistant Materials Buyer at a local Transformer plant owned by Colt Industries (Coltec). Ten years ago, the transformer plant closed it's doors. Today she is a division supervisor for Charlotte County. She is pretty good at figuring out how to do new  tasks on the computer. She has the ability to sit for hours at a computer screen trying different operations until they "work" for her. She set up our "network" of two computers and keeps them humming. She has been a big help on setting up this web site.

This information is correct to 3-26-05.


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