This page is intended to be a resource of outside information and parts for Associated built engines.  If you or some one you know can contribute or would like to be included in this list of sources, please let me know and I will add that source to this list.

Associated manual Re-Prints

This selection of manuals and catalogs are re-prints of the originals.  These are not available any where else and as manuals are discovered, they will be added to the list of manuals available for purchase.


Enginads is the business card page of the popular SmokStak web site. Sponsored by Harry Matthews, these advertisers are some of the best sources for Gas Engine parts and services. Click on the link to the left to go to the web site.


The Story of Associated Manufacturers' Company Ltd.
The information available for the Associated Manufacturers' Company of Waterloo, Iowa is far and few between.  Many questions exist and no one seems to have any good answers.

In my research to learn more about the engines that I love, I have come across a book that is full of information.  And come to find out, it is printed in Great Britain!

This book, written and published by David Edgington, is a multitude of pictures, statistics, advertisements and commentary. Not all engines named 'Associated' were built by that firm. Not all engines called 'Amanco' came from it either. The name 'Amanco' was NOT used on engines sold in the USA. All these points are dealt with in this book which also includes a guide to engine dating, hints on colour schemes etc. After reading this book you will be able to identify an Amanco or Associated engine when you next see one ! If you own an Associated or Amanco gas engine this is a must have book

This book is available directly from the publisher by contacting him, David Edgington, By Clicking HERE David can send you an Associated book, the cost would be £17-00p which includes air post. You can pay by VISA, which makes the change from  £ to $, on his secure site.  You will not be disappointed with the quality of this great resource of information.  

This next source is available on the Enginads web page, but I just wanted to highlight it here because of Mark Meincke's diligent effort to contribute to the gas engine hobby.  He has published an excellent source of information for gas engine enthusiast and expertly crafts reproduction parts for both Associated as well as other known engine brands.  Click HERE to check out Mark's Associated parts page, HERE to contact him with your needs.  And Click HERE to go to his web site.

My name is Mark Meincke ( alias Otto Sideshaft ) and I live along the south shore of Lake Erie in Avon, Ohio. Avon is located about 25 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio. I'm married to Wendy, my wife of 27 years. I have owned and restored hundreds of gas engines in the past 29 years. My current collection numbers about 160 engines. I researched gas engines for 25 years before I had the notion to write a book about the hobby. I'm now the author of "The Complete Guide to Stationary Gas Engines". Writing a book about the gas engine hobby was my way of putting something back into the hobby. I have set up a web page that details the content of the book and some interesting information about it's creation, just click on this link Literature to take you there.