My Associated Engines


I have 7 associated engines in various stages of repair.

These include a 3/4 HP 2-Cycle Colt, 1 3/4 HP Air Cooled Chore Boy, a 2 1/4 HP Air cooled Hired Hand, a 2 1/4 HP Hired Man, a 3 HP Three Mule Team, a 4 HP Farm Hand and an 8 HP Foreman. I also have a throtle governed 2 1/4 HP United

This is My ca. 1919 8HP, hopper cooled, Associated "Foreman" Hit & Miss Engine. The serial number is interesting in that it is a "Radar" number: 802208 Also some thing unusual is that the tag on this engine is steel rather than brass. I have never seen a steel tag on an Associated engine before.
I added this engine to my collection in early June 2003. It was a part of the collection of Jimmy Kramer of Bernville PA. Jimmy had owned the engine since 1970 and paid a whopping $145 for it back then. Needless to say, I paid a little more for it. This picture was taken at the June 28-29 2004 Ironmasters Antique Equipment Show in Ironton, Ohio. The show was wonderful and I want to thank Donald & Scott Mootz and any one else involved in making the show happen for a well planned and very enjoyable show.

This engine runs great, though it can be a real work out if the igniter needs cleaned.  One thing besides the sleek styling of the Associated engines that I like is the simplicity of how they run.  And this engine being a little bigger is very easy to explain to people, who are unfamiliar with the hit & miss governing process, exactly how this engine runs.  Plus every one loves to watch as I first turn the big fly wheels over and it suddenly pops for the first time and just sort of comes to life. 

I have added original style trucks and fuel tank since I bought the 8. I had Mark Meincke make an original style "pin" that can be oiled to replace the bolt in the rocker arm. He did a great job! . The paint job is about 30 years old and I think it is fine. I will just touch it up now and then. Definitly a keeper!

This is how this engine appeared in a ca 1913 Associated Mfg. Co. catalog

This is My ca. 1917 2 1/4hp, air cooled, Associated "Hired Hand" Hit & Miss Engine. This was my first hit & miss engine I drove to the east coast of Maine to get this engine from a fellow named Ray Avery in the tiny little town of Pembroke, ME It didn't look like the engine had ran in atleast 40 years. The igniter was missing, no mag and a new fuel tank was in order. The trek was 1150 miles from my house in central Ohio (2300 mile round trip!) and I did it in 2 days time. What a trip!!!

Click HERE To See What It Looked Like Before Restoration.

This little engine is interesting in that th drive pulley is on the governor side and the engine runs backwards. And no it can't be made to run both ways. The cam (part # EXP) is different than other 2 1/4HP associated cams in that the center of the cam is solid rather than hollow like other Associated cams which are part # ACB (1 3/4HP thru 3 1/2HP)

This is my ca. 1914 2 1/4HP hopper cooled, Associated Hired man. I added this engine to my collection from the collection of George Arney of Knob Knoster, MO in the fall of 2002. Again, I would say that it has been some time since this little wonder has run under it's own power. Notice the straight gears on the mag. Most Associated engines with the optional magneto have an idler gear and the mag is turned 90 degrees as can bee seen on the Hired Hand and Foreman engines. 


UPDATE!!! I have sold this engine and Got another earlier Hired Man to replace it from Mark Meincke in Avon, Ohio. Can't keep them all!


This is my Associated "Three Mule Team" The three HP engine was introduced in 1915 to fill the gap left between the 2 1/4HP and the 4HP engines. The straight trip 3HP is some what harder to find because shortly after the introduction of this engine the trip style was changed to the G340 "Gooseneck" style trip. This is engine serial number 500154 which makes it the 154th 3HP engine built. Probably one of the earliest still in existance. It needs some work, but don't they all?


This is my 4HP Associated Farm Hand.  I saw my first 4HP Associated engine in person early in the 2003 show season and instantly fell in love.  I had to have one!  I bought this engine from Rick near Dover,Ohio and it is currently going thru a total restoration.  I got it running on the mag for about 20 minutes before I tore it completely down and much to my dismay, I found that the piston had been pulled out at some point in time to replace the rings and put back in upside down!  (As in no oil to the wrist pin! Ouch!!)  So both a new wrist pin and bushing were in order.  


Got it all back together and I run it on propane.  Runs great!!!