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Abenaque 5HP 
Abenaque 6HP port-04
Acadia (CAN) 10HP  hartford 02
Aermotor (Model)    newlis
Aermotor     port 02 swap
Aermotor (sausage hopper)    arden99
Aermotor 5HP (fluted hopper)   newlis
Aermotor Fluted Hopper Bluffton

Aermotor Fluted hopper one flywheel Peru 05
Aermotor flyball governor port 02
Aermotor fluted hopper 2HP   greenvl00
Alamo 1 1/2 HP  port 02 swap

Alamo 15HP Peru 05 
Alamo 2HP Kendallville 04
Alamo 5HP Tray cooled   addendum
Alamo 6HP  bkvlle
Alpha 4 1/2HP Type F port 05 swap

Alpha de Laval 1 1/2HP  hunt
Alpha DeLaval 1 1/2HP Rushville

Angola Peru 05
Appleton 6HP 1920 Rushville
Arco 2 1/2HP GH  newlis 03
Associated 1 3/4HP Chore Boy hunt
Associated 2 1/4HP Edinburgh 04
Associated 2 1/4HP Hired Man  hunt
Associated 8HP

Associated 8HP Peru 05
Associated Johnny Boy port 03 swap
Associated Johnny Boy 1 1/2HP  port 02 swap
Atlas (Kruger) 4HP Portland 03

Atlas Peru 05
Badger 12HP port-04
Banner 2 1/2HP  hartford 02
Bates & Edmonds 3 1/2HP 1901   port00
Benz & Spol KS 5-7  port01
Bessemer Berne
Bessemer Bluffton
Bessemer 10HP Bluffton
Bessemer 12 1/2HP  port 03 swap
Bessemer 20HP 1907 Rushville
Bessemer Halfbreed Bluffton

Bicknell 1/2HP c.1911 Peru 05
Bingo Portland 03
Bluffton Hopper Cooled  port 02 swap
Brown-Cochran 6HP Sideshaft  port 02 swap
Brownwall Aircooled  port 03 swap
Brownwall hopper cooled port 02
Brownwall Hopper Cooled  newlis 03
Brunner  port 02
Buckeye 1 3/4HP  geneva
Buckeye 12HP  hunt 

Buckeye port-04
BullDog   addendum

Bulldog 5HP Peru 05
Bullseye    greenvl00
Callahan (model)    port99
Callahan 6HP (camstopper)   port00
Carlisle & Finch     port00
Carlisle & Finch port 05 swap

Casey Jones  port 03 swap
Cavanaugh & Darley 1HP    port01

Challenge 1 1/2HP port-04
Challenge 1HP Headless port-04
Chapman "Economizer"  

Chase 7HP Peru 05 
Chicago Renown 1HP port 05 swap  
Christensen 2 1/2HP   addendum
Clipper (Alma Jr.) 1 1/2HP   Portland 03

Clipper (Alma Jr.) Hopper cooled port 05 swap
Coleman Brothers 1/2HP Portland 03

Columbus Peru 05
C.H.&E.  hartford 02
Columbus 4HP 1903    port00
Crabb "Copper Hopper"
Cray Brothers 4 1/2HP   Siefker

Crossley port 05 swap
Cushman  newlis 03
Cushman Cub 4HP  hunt
Cushman 1/2HP Aircooled  
Cushman Bean Special Cub Rushville
Cushman Cub R Bluffton

Cushman Model C port 05 swap
Dairy Maid 1 3/4HP 1911 Portland 03
Dan Patch
Delco 750 Automatic 1926  hunt
Dempster 3HP Portland 03
Domestic 2HP
 hartford 02
Domestic (Schramm) 2HP  geneva
Domestic 1 1/2HP Portland 03
Domestic 1 1/2HP Farm engine  addendum
Domestic 12HP  hunt
Domestic Air Cooled Portland 03
Domestic Aircooled
Domestic 3HP Tank Cooled 1908  newlis 03

Domestic 3HP Peru 05
Domestic 6HP Peru 05
Domestic Stovepipe Push Rod
Domestic Stovepipe Sideshaft

Dorchester Peru 05
Duplex Superior 3HP  newlis 03  
Economy 1 1/2HP 1914  bkvlle
Economy 1 1/2HP 1915  bkvlle
Economy 12HP  bkvlle 
Economy 1 1/2HP w/ pump Edinburgh 04
Economy 1HP
 hartford 02
Economy 4HP  hunt
Economy 4HP  port 02 swap
Economy 5HP  bkvlle
Economy 5HP  hartford 02
Economy 7HP   bkvlle
Economy 8HP XK Berne
Economy 9HP 1918 Rushville
Edwards  port 03 swap
Ekonomy (Pattin Bros.) 12HP Rushville
Elgin (Haf-a-Hors)    greenvl00
Eli 2cycle ported tank cooled
Eli 3HP 1903    port00
Ellis 2cycle horizontal
Ellis 3HP Portland 03 

Ellis 6HP port-04
Emerson Brantingham  
Empire 1 3/4HP  addendum
Evans  newlis 03
Fairbanks Morse Rushville

Fairbanks Morse T 2HP port-04
Fairbanks Morse displ 52  newlis 03
Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2HP Disc flywheels  hartford 02
Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2HP Eclipse 1911 Edinburgh 04
Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2HP Headless  bkvlle
Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2HP JOAT, Vert.  bkvlle
Fairbanks Morse 10HP Rushville
Fairbanks Morse 15HP  hunt
Fairbanks Morse 2HP H  addendum
Fairbanks Morse 2HP Z Style D  hunt 
Fairbanks Morse 3HP Bluffton
Fairbanks Morse 3HP T 1911 Portland 03 
Fairbanks Morse 3HP tank cooled  port 02 
Fairbanks Morse 5HP Portland 03
Fairbanks Morse 80HP  bkvlle
Fairbanks Morse Robson 5BHP  hunt 
Fairbanks Morse Z 6-7HP Edinburgh 04
Fairbanks Morse Z Syle D Bluffton
Fairmont  port 02 swap
Falk 3HP Portland 03
Falk 3HP port 04 swap
Faultless 8HP  hartford 02

Field Peru 05
Field 15HP Peru 05

Flint & Walling Kendallville 04
Flint & Walling 1 1/2HP Kendallville 04
Flour City (Kinnard Haines) 3HP
Flying Dutchman (Moline Plow Company)  
Foos 25HP Portland 03 
Foos 9HP Special Electric aub 04    
Foos 2 1/2HP Type J  addendum
Foos Jr
Foos Jr. 1 1/2HP  addendum
Foos Jr. 2 1/4HP Portland 03

Foos Jr. 2HP Peru 05
Foos Jr. 2HP 1905 port 02
Foos Jr. 3 1/2HP Portland 03

Foos Jr. 4HP Tank cooled port-04
Foos Jr. 8HP port-04
Fuller Johnson 1 1/2HP  hartford 02
Fuller Johnson 2HP NC  bkvlle
Fuller Johnson 2HP NC Edinburgh 04
Fuller Johnson 2HP NC  newlis 03
Fuller Johnson 3HP Edinburgh 04
Fuller Johnson 5HP Rushville
Fuller Johnson Pump Engine  hunt

Fuller Johnson Pump engine plain flywheel port 05 swap
Gade 1 1/2HP Spark Plug  newlis 03

Gade 1 1/2HP Type C port-04
Gade 1 1/2HP Portland 03
Gade 1 3/4HP M Wico port 04 swap
Gade 3 1/2HP port 04 swap
Galloway 5HP
Galloway 5HP  port 02 swap
Galloway 5HP Round rod Peru 05
Galloway 5HP Tank Cooled  newlis 03
Galloway Handy Andy  
Galloway Handy Andy (vented crankcase) port-04
Geiser 2HP port-04
Geiser 8HP Portland 03 
Giant (Union Foundry) port 04 swap
Gilson Edinburgh 04
Gilson 1 1/2HP  hunt
Gilson Aircooled  
Gilson 4HP  port 03 swap
Gilson 6HP 1902 Portland 03
Gilson 6HP port 02
Goold, Shapley & Muir 2HP  port 02 swap
Gray Model G  hartford 02
Great Western 1 1/2HP port-04
Hagan 3 1/2HP Portland 03
Havana port 02 
Hawkeye (Gade) 2HP 1904 port-04
Heathcock Rush port-04
Heer 3 X 3 Experimental engine  addendum
Henry Ford's First engine replica port 05 swap
Henry Ford's Second engine replica port 05 swap
Hercules 1 1/2HP w/ oilwell Edinburgh 04
Hercules 7HP Edinburgh 04
Hercules belted to a Meadows Mill
Homepower    greenvl00
Hot Air Fan    port01
Hummer 1 1/2HP port 05 swap
Ideal 10" flywheels, open crank  hartford 02
Ideal (Bluffton 11" flywheels)   Siefker
Ideal 10" flywheels  hunt 
Ideal 3HP Kendallville 04
Ideal port 04 swap 
IHC 10HP port-04
IHC 20HP    arden99
IHC 2HP Vertical Aircooled Portland 03
IHC 3-5HP LB  bkvlle
IHC 3HP Vertical    arden99
IHC 4HP    arden99 
IHC 4HP Titan sideshaft port-04
IHC Famous Peru 05
IHC Famous 1HP aub 04
IHC Famous 1HP Berne
IHC Famous 2 1/2HP    port99
IHC Famous 2HP Vertical Berne
IHC Famous 4HP port 02
IHC Famous 4HP Screen cooled Bluffton
IHC Famous Nonpareil 4HP Rushville 
IHC LA 1 1/2-2 1/2HP aub 04
IHC Famous 6HP  newlis 03
IHC Famous Hopper cooled 6HP Peru 05
IHC Famous Vertical 2HP 1908 Edinburgh 04
IHC LA 1 1/2-2 1/2HP Rushville
IHC LB 1 1/2-2 1/2HP   port 02 swap 
IHC LB 1 1/2-2 1/2HP aub 04 
IHC LB 3-5HP aub 04
IHC M 1 1/2HP Overstrike aub 04
IHC M 1 1/2HP overstrike port 02
IHC M 1 1/2HP Understrike Berne
IHC M 10HP  
IHC M 10HP Ignitor Berne
IHC M 10HP SP 1930 Berne
IHC M 3HP Berne
IHC M 3HP Ignitor 1922 Rushville
IHC M 3HP port 02
IHC M 6HP    newlis
IHC M 6HP Berne
IHC M 6HP Ignitor Rushville
IHC M 1 1/2HP Wico  hartford 02
IHC M 1 1/2HP Understrike Ignitor  port 02 swap
IHC Titan 10HP 1912 port 02
IHC Titan 10HP Hopper cooled Berne
IHC Titan 6HP Sideshaft Portland 03
IHC Titan Jr .
IHC Titan Jr .   greenvl00
IHC Tom Thumb port 02
IHC vertical air cooled port 02
Imperial (Waterloo) 14HP Kendallville 04
Independent  hartford 02
Independent Harvester 2HP  newlis 03
Independent Harvester 4HP?  
Ingeco 2 1/2HP Throttle governed  addendum
Jack Rabbit (Thompson Bros).
Jacobson    port00
Jacobson 9HP  port 03 swap
Jaeger 2HP  newlis 03
Jaeger 3HP 1924  bkvlle
John Deere & Rock Crusher Rushville
John Deere (set)    greenvl00
John Deere 1 & 1/2HP on Mill Bluffton
John Deere 1 1/2HP brass tag port 02
John Deere 1 1/2HP Sparkplug
John Deere 1 1/2HP Non vented crankcase  hartford 02
John Deere 1 1/2HP Vented crankcase  hartford 02
John Deere 3HP  port 02 swap
John Deere 6HP    greenvl 00
John Deere 6HP Edinburgh 04
John Deere 6HP Rushville
Johnny 6HP  
Jones 12HP  geneva
Joy 2HP port 02
Julien port 02
Jumbo 1 3/4HP Berne 
Kansas City "Lightning" 6HP port-04
Kansas City "Lightning" 1901
Keller 1 1/2HP  hunt 
Keller 1 1/2HP port-04
Kewanee 2 1/2HP port 02
Lambert Peru 05
Lambert  port 02
Lambert Screen cooled Peru 05
Lauson Frost King  addendum
Lauson Lauton 8HP Peru 05
Lauson Lawton 2 1/2HP  port 02
Lauson Lawton 6HP  port 03 swap
Lawter (made in New Castle, IN)   newlis
Lazier "Neverstop" Aircooled sideshaft
Lennox Peru 05
LeRoi 1 cylinder Rushville
Light Inspection Car Co. 4HP  newlis 03
Lindsay Alamo 1 1/2HP Kendallville 04
Little Jumbo Bluffton 
Little Liz (Birch & Birch)  newlis 03
Little Major 1/2HP 1915    arden99
Macleod 1 3/4HP  bkvlle
Massey Harris 2HP Portland 03
Maximotor 2HP  port 03 swap
 hartford 02
Maytag Vertical  port 03 swap
McVicker "Automatic" 6HP 
Messinger 3/4HP Portland 03
Messinger 4HP
Mietz & Weiss 2 1/2HP port 02
Mogul 1 3/4 HP Portland 03
Mogul 10HP port-04
Mogul 12HP  
Mogul 15HP 1915 aub 04 
Mogul 1HP 1915 aub o4
Mogul 1HP port 02
Mogul 2 1/2HP Portland 03
Mogul 4HP port 02
Mogul 4HP
Mogul 6HP hunt 
Mogul 6HP SN NZ 501 first one made 1914 port-04
Mogul Jr. w/ rare cream separator gear/pulley

Mogul Jr. 1HP slant top hopper port 02
Monitor Portland 03
Monitor 1HP 1912    port01
Monitor 2HP ball hopper port 02 
Monitor 3HP horizontal port 05 swap
Monitor 4HP ball hopper port-04
Monitor 6HP Ball Hopper    port00
Monitor Pump Engine  port 02 swap
Moore "Sure Cool"  
Moore "Sure Cool" 7HP  port 03 swap
Muncie Oil engine 20HP Type B
Muncie Oil Engine 55HP 1915  
Myrick Eclipse 4HP  bkvlle
Myrick Eclipse Hot Tube
National Engineering 2HP    arden99
New Holland 1 1/2HP 1905 High base    port99
New Holland 1 1/2HP Low base
New Holland 1/2HP    port01
New Holland 1/2HP   port 02 swap
New Holland 2HP
New Holland 3HP 1903
New Holland 4HP 1915 port 02
New Holland 5HP
New Idea 1 1/2---2 1/2HP Varispeed  geneva
New Way 3 1/2HP Type C  hunt
New Way 7HP   port 03 swap
New Way 8HP 2 cyl opposed 1917
New Way Vertical 3HP Peru 05
Novo 2HP  hunt
Novo 3HP  hartford 02
Novo 8HP  bkvlle
Novo Jr.  newlis 03
Ohio 4HP port 02
Ohio 6HP    port00
Olds 2HP    port01
Olds 3HP
Olds 4 1/2HP    newlis
Olds 6HP gearless    port99
Olin 15HP port  04
Oshkosh 5HP  port 02 swap
Ottawa 1 3/4HP port 02
Otto 10HP  addendum
Otto 10HP Peru 05
Otto 15HP    arden99
Otto 5HP 1896 port 02
Otto 5HP Peru 05
Otto Vertical
Peerless 2HP    port99 
Perkins 1 1/2HP Vertical Aircooled Portland 03
Perkins 1HP Kendallville 04
Perkins 1HP hopper cooled   newlis
Perkins 2 1/2HP Horizontal  geneva
Perkins 3HP Horizontal sideshaft port-04
Perkins Horizontal 5HP Peru 05
Perkins Vertical Aircooled    port01
Perkins Vertical aircooled one flywheel Peru 05
Perkins Vertical Water Cooled
Petter 3BHP  port 02 swap
Petter Junior 2 1/2BHP  bkvlle
Petter port 04 swap
Pierce 1HP Inverted Vertical Portland 03
Pittsburgh Pump 1 1/2HP port-04
Pontiac port 05 swap
Quincy Peru 05
Quincy 3 1/2HP port-04
Quincy 3HP Portland 03
Ransome port  04
Rawleigh Schryer 1HP  Portland 03
Rawleigh Schryer 1 1/2HP port 02
Rawleigh Schryer 6HP 1914 Rushville
Reeves 1HP    greenvl00
Reeves 1HP    newlis
Reeves 2HP Bluffton
Reeves 2HP Edinburgh 04
Reeves 2HP   Siefker
Reeves 3HP
Reeves 6HP    newlis
Regal 1 1/2HP Portland 03
Reid  newlis 03
Reid 15HP
Reid 15HP  geneva
Reid 20 HP Berne
Reid 25HP
Reliable (Made in Anderson, IN)  
Reliable Sideshaft water cooled  addendum
Richmond Standard
Richmond Standard 5HP Peru 05
Rider Ericsson Hot Air    greenvl00
Robinson Peru 05
Rock Island 1 1/2HP  bkvlle
Rock Island 1 1/2HP Rushville 
Rock Island 2HP Kendallville 04
Rock Island 2HP Kendallville 04
Root & VanDervoort 1HP flyball governor port 02
Root & VanDervoort 1HP flywheel governor port 02
Root & VanDervoort 1HP Rushville
Root & VanDervoort 2HP w/magneto  addendum
Root & VanderVoort 4HP gear driven magneto port 05 swap
Root & VanDervoort 1HP    port01
Root & Vandervoort 6HP Kendallville 04
Root & VanDervoort 7HP    port01
Rumsey Portland 03
Ruston Hornsby 17HP Type CR 1935
Sampson 3HP
Samson 3HP    port01
Sandow 2HP port 04 swap
Sandwich 1 1/2HP  
Sandwich 2 1/2HP  addendum
Sandwich Cub  port 02 swap
Sandwich Cub 1 1/4HP Kendallville 04
Sandwich 6HP  hartford 02
Sandwich Vertical  bkvlle
Sattley 1 1/2HP  port 03 swap
Sattley 2 1/2HP  hartford 02
Sattley 5HP  hunt
Sattley 7HP Berne
Schmidt's Chilled Cylinder  addendum
Scott & Ewing 1HP  
Sharples Portland 03 
Shelby 10HP port 02
Shugers 2HP Vertical (made in Coldwater, MI)   port01
Sieverkropp    greenvl00
Simplicity 2 1/2HP vertical port-04
Simplicity 6HP
Simplicity Vertical   
Southern 2HP port-04
Southern 4HP port-04
Spang 10HP  newlis 03
Springfield 1HP
Springfield 1HP Peru 05
Springfield 6HP    port99
Square Deal Peru 05
Standard  port 03 swap
Standard Cream Separator  port 03 swap
Standard Cream Separator 1/2HP Portland 03
Star    newlis
StaRite (round faced flywheels)  
Sta-Rite 2 1/2HP port 04 swap
StaRite 2 1/2HP port-04
StaRite 6HP  hunt
Steiner Longlife 1 1/2HP port-04
Steiner Longlife 10HP port 02
Stickney 1 1/2HP port 02
Stickney 1 1/2HP port-04
Stickney 1 3/4HP 1912  newlis 03
Stickney   port00
Stickney 3HP    port00
Stickney 3HP Portland 03
Stickney 5HP 
Stover 1 1/2HP K 1924 Rushville
Stover 12HP  
Stover 2-2 1/2HP CT-2  hunt
Stover 4HP  hunt
Stover Duro 1/2HP port 02
Stover Vertical 5HP Peru 05
Stover Vertical  addendum
Superior port 05 swap
Thermoil 1 1/2HP  
Thermoil 3HP?  addendum
Thermoil 9HP port 02
Thermoil 9HP port 03 swap
Toronto Portland 03
United 1 3/4HP Bluffton
United 1 3/4HP  hartford 02
United 1 3/4HP Aircooled  hunt
United 2Hp Bluffton
United 2HP  port 03 swap
United States 9HP Inverted vertical  addendum
Unito 2 1/4HP port-04
VanDuzen  addendum
Van Duzen  newlis 03
Vaughan Motor Works  hunt
Vim  hartford 02
Vim 1 1/4HP Portland 03
Wade Portland 03
Wallace    port00 
Waterloo 1 1/2HP Aircooled Edinburgh 04
Waterloo 5HP  hunt 
Waterloo 7HP port-04
Waterloo Boy 1 1/2HP Edinburgh 04
Waterloo Boy 1 1/2HP Edinburgh 04
Waterloo Boy 1 1/2HP  port 03 swap
Waterloo Boy 2HP  port 02 swap
Waterloo Boy 3HP Kerosene  newlis 03
Weber Portland 03
Webster 2HP inverted vertical port 02
White & Middleton Peru 05
Wisconsin Lauson Lawton   port00
Witte 2HP Edinburgh 04
Witte 4HP 1913 Rushville
Witte 4HP 1914  bkvlle
Witte sideshaft
Witte 4HP sideshaft  port 02 swap
Witte 5HP Rushville
Witte 6HP Sideshaft Portland 03 
Witte Diesel 6HP port-04
Witte 6HP Edinburgh 04
Witte Log Saw  bkvlle
Witte Slant Hopper Bluffton
Wogaman Portland 03
Wolseley (England) 1 1/2HP  hartford 02
Woodpecker  port 03 swap
Woodpecker 3 1/2HP type E 1906 port 02
Woodpecker 3 1/2HP type J 1910 port 02
Woodpecker Type KBB Portland 03
Worthington 1 1/2 HP  port 02 swap
York 3HP Portland 03
York Flinchbaugh 1 1/2HP 1909 port 02
York Flinchbaugh 2 1/2HP
Ypsi (2 of them) port 05 swap

Model engine show picture index
W-00-Wyandotte 2000,  W01-Wyandotte 2001,   Var-Various shows

Aermotor   W01
Allman  Siefker
Associated Hopper cooled spark plug  var-2002
Bessemer   W00
Bessemer var-2003
Bisschop   W01
Callahan   W00
Canfield   Var
Domestic Hopper cooled   Var
Domestic Stovepipe    Var
Domestic Stovepipe   Siefker
Domestic Vertical   Var
Economy var-2003
Ervin  var-2002
Ervin Var 2004
Fairbanks Morse Eclipse   W01
Fairbanks Morse N var-2003
Fairbanks Morse Vertical  var-2002
Fuller Johnson  var-2002
Gade   W01
Gade 1/2 Scale of 1 1/2HP Type C Var 2004
Galloway    Var
Galloway 1/8 Scale Var 2004
Galloway 1/6 Scale Var 2004
Galloway    W00
Gardner Type O   W00
Gray   Var
Hagan   Var
IHC Famous 3HP Vertical  var-2002
IHC Famous Hopper cooled  Var
IHC Screen cooled   Siefker
IHC M   Var
IHC Tom Thumb   W00
IHC Tom Thumb var-2003
John Deere var-2003
John Deere 1 1/2HP 1/2 scale  var-2002
Julien    W00
Kansas City Lightning   WOO
L'il Brother  var-2002
Mery    W00
Mogul   W01
Mogul 1HP  var-2002
Monitor ball hopper   W01
New Holland 1 1/2HP   Siefker
New Holland 1/2HP   Siefker
Novo   W01
Olds   Var
Olds Gearless Vertical var-2003
Otto-Langen 1/6 Scale var-2003
Perkins Horizontal  var-2002
Perkins Vertical   W01
Quincy   W01
Quincy-2   W01
Red Wing Aircooled 1/3 Scale Var 2004
Redwings  W01
Reid    W00
Reid 1/8 scale  var-2002
Robinson W00
Sandwich   Var
Shaffer Little York  var-2002
Springfield Var 2004
Springfield   W00
Sta-rite   Var
Stickney   Var
Stickney Jr .  Var
Stickney Universal Var 2004
Stickney Universal  W01
Stover 5/8 Scale Var 2004
Vaughn   W00
Woodpecker   Var
Woodpecker  W01



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