Typical Show Line

This is a typical show setup. The show was at a local library, where we were the 'featured attraction'. The library staff had invited us back after their show the year before. This time, we were asked to set up in front of the library, on the main thoroughfare. The idea being that passers by would actually see and hear something, and hopefully turn in to see what the event was. It worked! What you see in this photo, from front to back, are a maytag gas engine, Chuck's Hercules, Chucks Fairbanks, Henry's Witte, Teddy's Economy, Sandy's David Bradley, Ron's Farmall, and, the last green speck is Buck's Stover. If you strain your eyes, you can barely make out Henry's 1936 Briggs and Stratton model A, belted to a squirrel cage blower, between Henry's Witte and Teddy's Economy.

Display line at show

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