1924 Witte 2 HP

This is Henry's 1924 Witte 2 HP throttle governed engine. When the engine was originally sold, it was mounted on a logsaw.  There are two points that confirm this - the top of the water hopper is slanted, so that when the logsaw was placed on a log, the water wouldn't run out, and the bull gear shaft in the base casting. It required very little work when he got it, the hardest thing being welding 2 cracks in the head. The remainder of the componenets were there, except for the magneto. A few things needed replacing and jury rigging to get it running, such as the fuel system and ignition system. The engine is shown here with a battery and buzz coil ignition system. He has since gotten the Wico EK magneto that belongs on it, and has it runing on the magneto. There's a whole story behind that, but it'll be saved it for another time.

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1924 Witte Logsaw Engine

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