1. Officers shall be elected by majority vote, office to be held for one year or until vacated by the elected officer, whichever occurs first. Officers shall serve voluntarily and without compensation.

2. This club is formed for the enjoyment and enlightenment of one another.

3. We shall endeavor to participate in any and all shows dealing with purposes for which this club is formed, as individual considerations of members shall permit (health, distance, work schedule, etc.).

4. This club is formed for enjoyment of our hobby, not as a source of income or profit. Required expenses shall be paid from member dues and/or donations to the club. Anticipated expenses include display cards, exhibitor plaques, club banners, insurance as required to participate as a club in public displays. Excess funds at end-of-year shall be carried forward to the next year, or donated to appropriate non-profit or charity organization.

5. The Southside Historical Power Club of Hampton Roads shall remain located in the Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk) for the next one hundred years. Any decision to relocate the club outside of this area on or before 11:59 PM, 26 June 2095, shall constitute an immediate and irrevocable determination to dissolve the club. Any funds or assets held by the club upon dissolution, shall be first applied to required club expenses. Any funds remaining shall be disposed of in a manner which complies with Internal Revenue Service Codes which may be in effect at the time of dissolution.

6. In the event the club is dissolved due to relocation as described in item 5 above, use of the club name at time of dissolution shall be restricted from any future club. This restriction is excused if any of the original members or their descendents decide to form another club, with the same purpose, and with the same geographic limitations. The original members of this club are as follows:

Charles E. Harris, Jr, Founder, 1st President
David Parris, 1st Vice President
Don Affelder, 1st Secretary
Joseph H. Rowehl, Co-Founder, 1st Treasurer
Wellford 'Buck' Buchanan
Earl Kight
Rose Kight
Jean Rowehl
Tim Thornton

This document is a true and complete copy of the by-laws as adopted on 27 June, 1995, and which are currently in effect.

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