Burr Mills For Sale

Delivery is possible to Baraboo,WI or Portland, IN Swap Meets


New Holland No. 1 (Sold by Fairbanks Morse)

email  robertbarr@ameritech.net with offers/trades

nh1.jpg (99429 bytes)
nh2.jpg (95829 bytes) nh4.jpg (88448 bytes) wood needs repaired
nh5.jpg (97297 bytes) nh6.jpg (92171 bytes)
nh7.jpg (78442 bytes) nh8.jpg (100458 bytes) Flywheel and pulley are in primer.
Small Letz Burr Mill  $250 letz2.jpg (123765 bytes)
letz1.jpg (77154 bytes) letz3.jpg (60471 bytes)





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