Jonamac Orchard - Malta, IL - 2002

Photos taken October 12,13 - 2002

The following are the engines that were displayed at this year's show.


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01.jpg (54292 bytes)02.jpg (29466 bytes) 7hp Economy with Saw Rig
03.jpg (57003 bytes)04.jpg (24284 bytes) Hercules 1 1/2hp running...
05.jpg (43690 bytes) ...Monitor Pump and Pumpjack
06.jpg (54515 bytes)07.jpg (47013 bytes)08.jpg (32861 bytes) 2hp Taylor Vacuum Type C
09.jpg (55297 bytes) 1 1/2hp Gade running Viking Pump
10.jpg (63990 bytes) Maytag Twin
11.jpg (50379 bytes) 10hp Challenge
12.jpg (53476 bytes) 4hp Fuller Johnson
13.jpg (53382 bytes) 1 1/2hp Appleton
15.jpg (51646 bytes) 2hp Jaeger
16.jpg (51307 bytes) 1 1/2hp John Deere running New Idea  Corn Sheller
17.jpg (51769 bytes) 1 1/2hp Sattley
18.jpg (52919 bytes) 1 1/2hp Challenge Dishpan
19.jpg (53897 bytes) IH LB running Haller Pump jack and Red Jacket Pump.
20.jpg (52853 bytes) Maytag washing machine
22.jpg (60017 bytes)23.jpg (58811 bytes) 1 1/2hp McCormick Deering M running...
21.jpg (55968 bytes) ... 1/3 Scale Case Hay Baler
24.jpg (35740 bytes) Sandwich T upright running Sandwich Enterprise Waterpump/pumpjack
25.jpg (49520 bytes) 1 1/2hp Sandwich (wizard magneto)
26.jpg (64173 bytes) Monitor Pumpjack Engine and Pump
27.jpg (50120 bytes)28.jpg (44018 bytes)


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