DuPage County (Illinois) Fair 

- 2001

Photos taken July 28, 2001

The following are the engines and tractors that were on display at this year's fair.


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sign.jpg (30392 bytes) Important Warning Sign 01.jpg (47622 bytes) Full & Johnson 3 1/2hp
22.jpg (41131 bytes) Fairbanks Morse Z 1 1/2hp with pump and pump jack 20.jpg (42083 bytes) Jaeger 1 1/2hp
23.jpg (47474 bytes) Display of Diecast Farm Toys 21.jpg (43246 bytes) 3hp Jaeger
03.jpg (51527 bytes) Challenge 2hp 02.jpg (48239 bytes) Challenge 1 1/2hp Dishpan
04.jpg (49580 bytes) Hercules 3hp with Barnes Pump 09.jpg (43494 bytes) 2hp Majestic 
10.jpg (46027 bytes) IH Corn Sheller 11.jpg (44985 bytes) Hand Corn Shellers - David Bradley and Fulton
17.jpg (40625 bytes) Majestic Engine powering the mill 15.jpg (41701 bytes)16.jpg (47652 bytes) Stover No. 45 Burr Mill
18.jpg (33015 bytes) Fair attendee shelling corn by hand 06.jpg (49233 bytes)
24.jpg (40751 bytes) Maytags 12.jpg (44606 bytes) Large Wet Stone
07.jpg (44665 bytes)05.jpg (32691 bytes)

Gas Engine Display Area

19.jpg (28400 bytes)13.jpg (30855 bytes)14.jpg (29645 bytes)

Gas Engine Display Area

s01.jpg (36197 bytes)s04.jpg (53871 bytes)1918 Minneapolis Steam Engine. s02.jpg (40780 bytes)s03.jpg (47109 bytes)
th2.jpg (42640 bytes)th4.jpg (37741 bytes) McCormick Deering 22 inch Thresher - like new condition th1.jpg (29654 bytes)th3.jpg (41137 bytes)  Beautiful Original Decals and lettering
e1.jpg (51726 bytes) Manure Spreader e2.jpg (60656 bytes) Hay Loader
blacksmith1.jpg (48465 bytes)Blacksmith at work blacksmith2.jpg (46439 bytes) Another blacksmith at work
Model Engines on Display m10.jpg (44393 bytes)
m08.jpg (42434 bytes) Scratch Built IH Famous m11.jpg (43864 bytes)
m07.jpg (49132 bytes) Scratch Built Engine m12.jpg (37108 bytes) ModelV8, 7cyl rotary aircraft engine
m13.jpg (47818 bytes) Scratch Built Engine m3.jpg (42604 bytes) Steam Locomotive
m18.jpg (32362 bytes) Red Wing Engine m14.jpg (41216 bytes)
m05.jpg (31732 bytes) Steam Engine running on air m23.jpg (34300 bytes) Steam Engine running on air
m22.jpg (37383 bytes) Steam Press m16.jpg (32717 bytes) More Engines
m2.jpg (34926 bytes) Steam Engine running on air m4.jpg (59706 bytes) Steam powered car
m20.jpg (36073 bytes)m21.jpg (39729 bytes) Steam Launch m6.jpg (57694 bytes) Another steam powered car
Tractors on Display t02.jpg (52624 bytes) Tractor Display Area
t03.jpg (55263 bytes) John Deere 620 t04.jpg (57827 bytes) John Deere D
t09.jpg (53383 bytes) John Deere B t10.jpg (54230 bytes) John Deere A
t08.jpg (59455 bytes) John Deere B t05.jpg (53301 bytes)t01.jpg (51593 bytes) Ford 8n
t11.jpg (57730 bytes) IH M t07.jpg (58442 bytes) Farmall Cub
t06.jpg (58262 bytes) Allis Chalmers WD


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