Waucunda, IL 2000

Photos taken October 23,2000

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Aeromotor aeromoter.jpg 63Kb associated 6 mule team.jpg 48Kb Assaociated 6 mule Team
Fuller Johnson fuller johnson.jpg 48Kb jaeger.jpg 41Kb Jaeger
Gade gade.jpg 51Kb ih famous sn 101.jpg 50Kb IH Famous
Gray gray.jpg 52Kb myers pump and gray.jpg 52Kb Another picture showing the Gray and Myers Pump
Gould Water Pump gould pump 1.jpg 52Kb gould pump 2.jpg 62Kb Another Gould Water Pump
Old War Horse old war horse.jpg 51Kb wilson des moines.jpg 52Kb Wilson Des Moines
IH M 1 1/2hp - Sucked a valve later that day. ih m 1.5.jpg 60Kb lister.jpg 57Kb Lister
Maytag Washing Machines maytag washers.jpg 53Kb maytag washers 2.jpg 58Kb More Maytag Washing Machines
Briggs FB, Maytag Upright   briggs fb and maytag upright.jpg 42Kb     fairbank morse 1_5.jpg 51Kb Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 hp
Fairbanks Morse fairbanks morse.jpg 62Kb fairbanks pump jack.jpg 52Kb Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2hp with Pump Jack and Pump
Fairbanks Morse Z fairbanks z.jpg 52Kb fuller johnson pump and engine.jpg 64Kb Fuller Johnson Pump Jack Engine and Pump
Bill's Economy bill_s economy.jpg 67Kb bill_s engines1.jpg 47Kb Bills Engines
Bill's Fairbanks Water Pump bill_s fairbanks pump.jpg 53Kb bill_s ih m.jpg 56Kb Bill's IH M
Boat Motor boat engine.jpg 50Kb boat whistle.jpg 54Kb Hand Boat Whistle
Old Outboard Motors out boards.jpg 52Kb maytags.jpg 55Kb Maytags
Stover stover k.jpg 65Kb lb and pumpjack.jpg 60Kb IH LB with Pump Jack and Pump
Monitor Engine and Pump Jack monitor and pumpjack.jpg 74Kb my stuff challenge and associated.jpg 61Kb My Challenge and Associated
Novo novo.jpg 58Kb sheldon.jpg 50Kb Sheldon
Single Blade Cutter single blade cutter.jpg 52Kb    
Steam steam acme.jpg 41Kb steam.jpg 55Kb Steam
Steam steam2.jpg 53Kb steam3.jpg 57Kb Steam


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