Sycamore, IL 2000

Held at the Taylor Marshall Farm

Held August 10-13, 2000.  Photos Taken August 13

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Galloway Handy Andy gallowayhandyandy.jpg 47Kb springfieldmodel.jpg 40Kb Springfield Engine Model
Springfield Engine springfieldengine.jpg 55Kb Some Gas Engines.jpg 54Kb Gas Engines
Cat R4 with Hyster Winch Cat R4 with Hyster D4 whinch.jpg 53Kb Cat R4 with Hyster D4 whinchb.jpg 54Kb Cat R4 with Hyster Winch
IH Titan Tractor biggastractor2.jpg 45Kb biggastractor1.jpg 45Kb Rumley Oil Pull Tractor
Russell Tractor Russell Tracter.jpg 52Kb Centaur Tractor.jpg 53Kb Centuar Tractor
Farm Tractors Tractors1.jpg 52Kb  Tractors2.jpg 62Kb Farm Tractors
Farm Tractors Tractors3.jpg 62Kb  Steam Traction Engines.jpg 46Kb   Steam Tractors
Steam Tractors Steam Traction Engines 1.jpg 45Kb    
Vilter 250hp Steam Engine steam4.jpg 32Kb steam7.jpg 22Kb steam6.jpg 44Kb
steam3.jpg 40Kb steam8.jpg 39Kb steam1.jpg 39Kb steam2.jpg 39Kb
steam11.jpg 35Kb steam5.jpg 42Kb steam10.jpg 40Kb steam9.jpg 43Kb
The Boiler steam12.jpg 48Kb steam13.jpg 41Kb More of the Steam Engine


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