Sandwich Fair - 2001

Photos taken September 7-8, 2001

The following are just a few of the engines that were on display at this year's display during the Sandwich Fair.  Due to rain, More photos were not taken.

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Corn1.jpg (68253 bytes) Corn Cutter Corn2.jpg (73462 bytes) Corn Shellers - John Deere
Engine01.jpg (57975 bytes)Engine02.jpg (42330 bytes) New Idea Vari-Speed Engine03.jpg (51779 bytes) Line shaft for two devices
Engine04.jpg (55866 bytes) Hack Saw Engine05.jpg (54840 bytes) Economy Drag Saw
Engine06.jpg (47967 bytes) Economy Drag Saw Engine07.jpg (47244 bytes)Engine11.jpg (27911 bytes)Engine12.jpg (45523 bytes) Can Crusher
Engine08.jpg (67487 bytes) Sandwich Cub Engine09.jpg (63100 bytes) Sandwich 
Engine10.jpg (63692 bytes) Sandwich  Engine13.jpg (61961 bytes) Sandwich
Engine14.jpg (53515 bytes) Sandwich 2 1/2hp Engine15.jpg (57621 bytes) Sandwich
Engine16.jpg (61171 bytes) Sandwich  Engine17.jpg (59303 bytes) Sandwich Light Six
Engine18.jpg (52596 bytes) Sandwich Heavy 6hp Engine19.jpg (62001 bytes) Sandwich 8hp
Engine20.jpg (54792 bytes) Sandwich 10 hp Engine21.jpg (43182 bytes)Engine22.jpg (54817 bytes)
Engine23.jpg (49112 bytes)Engine23.jpg (49112 bytes)Engine25.jpg (46839 bytes) Farm on display Engine26.jpg (45462 bytes)Engine27.jpg (41466 bytes)Engine28.jpg (47194 bytes)

More of the Farm on Display

Engine29.jpg (59558 bytes) Sandwich Heavy Six with Buzz Saw Rig Engine30.jpg (55590 bytes) Sandwich 2 1/2hp Tulip Top
Engine31.jpg (53901 bytes) New Idea Vari-Speed Engine32.jpg (53338 bytes)Engine33.jpg (25926 bytes) Jacob Haish 1 1/2hp
Engine34.jpg (51278 bytes) Golf Ball mover with Moniter Engine Engine49.jpg (56292 bytes) Viking Garden Tractor
Engine53.jpg (49286 bytes)Engine54.jpg (55068 bytes)Engine55.jpg (56578 bytes) Making Apple Cider - press powered by Gade Engine Engine56.jpg (52465 bytes)Engine57.jpg (51770 bytes)Engine58.jpg (50543 bytes)

Craig Fox feeding Apples into the Shredder

Engine35.jpg (47771 bytes)Engine37.jpg (43032 bytes)Engine47.jpg (57110 bytes)

Scaled Hay Press -  Click for Detail Photos

Engine48.jpg (53195 bytes) Scaled Case Steam Engine - ran the hay press each day
Engine50.jpg (55413 bytes) Witte Drag Saw Engine51.jpg (23741 bytes)Engine52.jpg (47954 bytes) Home Built Tractor
Train1.jpg (49993 bytes)Train2.jpg (45474 bytes) Boiler/Controls  for Otto's Train Train5.jpg (43930 bytes)Train6.jpg (50315 bytes) Air Compressor on the side of the train
Train4.jpg (55355 bytes)Train8.jpg (53984 bytes)  The Train Itself !!!!!  Getting ready for a day's work. Train7.jpg (49357 bytes)Train3.jpg (49562 bytes) Side Detail


MinniRodRollOver1.jpg (54439 bytes)MinniRodRollOver2.jpg (50378 bytes)MinniRodRollOver3.jpg (47290 bytes)MinniRodRollOver3.jpg (47290 bytes)MinniRodRollOver4.jpg (51608 bytes)

MinniRodRollOver5.jpg (54519 bytes)MinniRodRollOver6.jpg (46892 bytes)MinniRodRollOver7.jpg (53813 bytes)MinniRodRollOver8.jpg (47974 bytes)

Mini Rod Rolled over during the tractor pull. Thankfullly, No Major Injuries.  Tractor was repaired, but overweight for the evening pull to count.

TractorPull.jpg (46769 bytes) Twin Allison V-12's powered this tractor
TruckPullDay1.jpg (42811 bytes) Detroit Diesel being put to the test
TruckPullDay2.jpg (50810 bytes)Staging.......TruckPullDay3.jpg (45935 bytes)...Adding fuel to the fire TruckPullDay4.jpg (49639 bytes) Burning off excess fuel
TruckPullNight1.jpg (29625 bytes)Staging.......TruckPullNight2.jpg (27832 bytes)...Adding fuel to the fire TruckPullNight3.jpg (25947 bytes) Burning off excess fuel



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