Sandwich, IL Fair 2000

Photos taken Sept 10, 2000

Display was on all week during the Fair.

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Aeromoter aeromoter.jpg 49Kb aeromoterandpump.jpg 60Kb Aeromoter with Pump
Appleton 1 1/2 hp Appleton 1 1_2hp Made in Batavia IL.jpg 52Kb associated.jpg 55Kb Associated
Challenge 2hp challenge.jpg 54Kb challengetagb.jpg 29Kb Challenge 2hp Tag
Challenge 2hp Monkey Business challenge_ignitor_a.jpg 49Kb challenge_ignitor_b.jpg 37Kb Challenge 2hp Monkey Business
Look for the Cat and Mouse Chase on this Economy 5 hp  economy5hp.jpg 52Kb economy5hpb.jpg 55Kb economy5e.jpg 63Kb
The Cat and Mouse are also seen with this Gade gade_b.jpg 56Kb gade_c.jpg 54Kb gade_a.jpg 56Kb
Economy 1 1/2 hp Log Saw economylogsaw01.jpg 53Kb economylogsaw02.jpg 46Kb Economy 1 1/2 hp Log Saw
Witte Log Saw

wittelogsaw01.jpg 60Kb

wittelogsaw02.jpg 45Kb Witte Log Saw
Emmerson Bratingham emmersonbrat.jpg 53Kb enginepoweredbarbaque.jpg 53Kb Engine Powered Barbeque
John Deere Letz Mill letzmilldeereelevator.jpg 58Kb   monitor.jpg 67Kb Monitor Engine and Pump
Matt Weismeyer's Sandwich Engines engines01.jpg 67Kb  engines02.jpg 59Kb More Engines
Ice Cream Maker icecream2.jpg 57Kb icecream1.jpg 54Kb Dishing out the Ice Cream
IH Famous Upright ihfamous.jpg 68Kb hercules2_5hp.jpg 50Kb Hercules 2 1/2 hp
Nice little IH engines03.jpg 63Kb randv.jpg 47Kb R & V
Jacob Haish 1 1/2 hp jacobhaish1.jpg 61Kb jacobhaish1_5hptag.jpg 32Kb Jacob Haish 1 1/2 hp Tag
Jacob Haish 2 hp jacobhaish2hp.jpg 64Kb jacobhaish2hptag.jpg 31Kb Jacob Haish 2 hp Tag
Jacob Haish 5 hp jacobhaish5hp.jpg 54Kb jacohhaish5hptag.jpg 23Kb Jacob Haish 5 hp Tag
Jacob Haish 7 hp jacobhaish7hp.jpg 47Kb jacobhaish7hptag.jpg 34Kb Jacob Haish 7 hp Tag
Sandwich Hay Baler sandwichbailer01.jpg 63Kb sandwichbailer04.jpg 64Kb sandwichbaler.jpg 62Kb
Sandwich Hay Baler sandwichbailer02.jpg 75Kb sandwichbailer03.jpg 63Kb sandwichbailer05.jpg 70Kb
Sandwich Engine Line sandwichline02.jpg 70Kb sandwichline03.jpg 73Kb sandwichline04.jpg 58Kb
Sandwich Engine Line sandwichline05.jpg 50Kb sandwichline01.jpg 56Kb Sandwich Engine Line
Sandwich Buzz Saw sandwichsawrig.jpg 63Kb sandwichuprights.jpg 55Kb Sandwich Uprights
Sandwich Engine and Mill sandwichengineandmill.jpg 68Kb theindependant.jpg 62Kb The Independent - Plano, Illinois
Spin Master 1 spinmaster_a.jpg 57Kb spinmaster_b.jpg 46Kb Spin Master 2
Stover Mill stovermill.jpg 58Kb steam engineandhaybaler.jpg 51Kb Scale Steam Engine and Baler


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