Portland, IN 2000

Photos taken August 25, 2000

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Some Engines Displayed at the Show
Big Foos Big Foos.jpg 40Kb Gade gade.jpg 53Kb
Domestic Side Shaft Domestic Sideshaft Another.jpg 53Kb Domestic Side Shaft Domestic Sideshaft.jpg 63Kb
Challenge 1 1/2 hp Hourglass Hour Glass Challenge 1 1_2hpa.jpg 74Kb Challenge 1 1/2 hp Hourglass (again) Hour Glass Challenge 1 1_2hpb.jpg 73Kb
IH Screen Cooled and John Deere 1 1/2 hp portland14.jpg 51Kb Side Shaft Engine portland27.jpg 51Kb
Massey Harris Engines portland29.jpg 63Kb The Little Tuerk Little Turek.jpg 40Kb
Trailer of Engines portland22.jpg 61Kb Trailer of Small Air Cooled Engines portland23.jpg 55Kb
More of the show portland30.jpg 59Kb More of the show portland35.jpg 53Kb
More of the show portland24.jpg 52Kb More of the show portland34.jpg 57Kb
More of the show portland33.jpg 67Kb More of the show portland28.jpg 61Kb
More of the show portland18.jpg 52Kb More of the show portland19.jpg 58Kb
More of the show - Big Engines portland16.jpg 48Kb     More of the show - Big Engines portland17.jpg 55Kb

     Tractors at the Show
Portland Tractors Silver Kings.jpg 38Kb portland36.jpg 56Kb Portland Tractors.jpg 42Kb Portland Tractors2.jpg 49Kb
Portland Tractors3.jpg 35Kb portland43.jpg 38Kb Portland42.jpg 55Kb portland45.jpg 31Kb
  portland44.jpg 34Kb Portland Pedal Tractors.jpg 43Kb  

Engines in the ATIS Stationary Engine List Area
Arnie Ferro's Witte and Petter List Area Arnie_s Witte and Petter.jpg 58Kb Arnie Ferro's Witte List Area Arnie_s Witte in foreground.jpg 52Kb
Brice Adams 2 1/2 Economy -- Paul Waugh's John Deere and IH M List Area Brice_s 2 1_2 Economy  Paul Waugh_s John Deere and IH M.jpg 61Kb Charles Balyeat's United List Area Charles B United Engine.jpg 49Kb
John Frankhauser's Model Engines List Area John Frankhauser_s Model Engines.jpg 49Kb John Cullom's Galloways List Area John Cullom Galloways.jpg 63Kb
Glenn Karch's King Bee and Atlas Uprights List Area Glen Karch_s Atlasand King Bee Uprights.jpg 59Kb Rick Monk's 6hp and 1 1/2 John Deere List Area Rick Monk John Deere 6hp and 1 1_2hp.jpg 53Kb
Munter Family Engines List Area Munter Family Engines.jpg 53Kb Munter Family Engines List Area Munter Family Enginesb.jpg 52Kb
Ohio Side Shaft Ohio Sideshaft.jpg 52Kb Maytag Wrenches (set) Maytag Wrenches.jpg 28Kb
Dave Rotigel's Maytag Launcher List Area Dave_s Maytag Launcher.jpg 54Kb Dave Rotigel's 16hp Galloway List Area Dave R 16hp Galloway.jpg 53Kb
Steve Barr's Challenge and Associated Busy Boy List Area Steve Barr_s 1 1_2 Associated and Challenge 2hp.jpg 57Kb    

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