Historic Farm Days - I & I Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Club

Penfield, IL - 2001 Show

Photos taken July14, 2001

Show held July 12, 13, 14, 15

This was my first time attending this show.  There was great diversity in the engines displayed.  The feature was Fairbanks Morse Engines, Allis Chalmers, and Lesser Known Tractors.  There were excellent working demonstrations going on all day.  I did not take photos of them.  There were two steam traction engines running.  I only was able to attend on Saturday and had to leave early.  Hopefully, I will be able to stay longer next year.

Club Web Page:  http://www.antiquefarm.org/

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Some of the Engines

06.jpg (58108 bytes)

IH Famous

03.jpg (51983 bytes)04.jpg (56637 bytes)

Trailer of Corn Shellers/Choppers

05.jpg (60262 bytes)


07.jpg (56256 bytes)

Trailer of Engines

08.jpg (62226 bytes)

Economy 3hp and Witte 6hp Headless

09.jpg (55829 bytes)

Mogal 1 1/2 hp

10.jpg (59454 bytes)

Maytag Uprights

11.jpg (52057 bytes)12.jpg (53718 bytes)13.jpg (47079 bytes) 

Great Western 4hp - Ran both ways during the show.

18.jpg (45754 bytes)

Trailer of Engines

14.jpg (51507 bytes)

Model Russell Steam Engine & Thrashing Machine

02.jpg (55903 bytes) Row of David Bradley Tri-Trac's
15.jpg (63774 bytes)16.jpg (60476 bytes)

Trailer display of Farm Equipment and Maytag Racer

17.jpg (55943 bytes)


23.jpg (47168 bytes)

Sta-Rite Engine

27.jpg (47278 bytes)

IH LB 3-5 hp

21.jpg (46991 bytes)22.jpg (46254 bytes)

Model Engines

28.jpg (39520 bytes)29.jpg (40263 bytes)

Model Engines

26.jpg (54129 bytes)

Table of Model Engines

20.jpg (41708 bytes) Model Engine with Can Crusher
19.jpg (40517 bytes)

Model engine with Cement Mixer

36.jpg (65209 bytes)37.jpg (63269 bytes)

Hercules 7hp with Saw Rig

30.jpg (54555 bytes)32.jpg (36177 bytes)31.jpg (54811 bytes)

Superior 25hp Oil Field Engine

25.jpg (37883 bytes)24.jpg (48627 bytes)

Trailer of Fairbanks Morse Engines

35.jpg (55054 bytes)

New Holland 5hp powering Mill in Right Column

33.jpg (53605 bytes)34.jpg (42723 bytes)

New Holland/Fairbanks Morse Corn Mill

41.jpg (59022 bytes)

Sandwich Cub and Sandwich 1 1/2hp

38.jpg (54002 bytes)

Trailer of engines for sale

43.jpg (60140 bytes)42.jpg (59573 bytes)

Massey Harris engine

40.jpg (68273 bytes)

Economy 2 1/2hp E

39.jpg (66114 bytes)

Majestic 2hp

People.jpg (60622 bytes)

Challenge 2hp

01.jpg (54484 bytes)

Engine Trailer - Fairbanks Morse running

donkey1.jpg (42467 bytes)donkey2.jpg (42400 bytes)

donkey3.jpg (45385 bytes)donkey6.jpg (24581 bytes)

Going to the show Donkey Style



Allis Chalmers Tractors

t01.jpg (50789 bytes)
t12.jpg (55249 bytes)

Allis Chalmers IB Tractor

t03.jpg (54436 bytes)

Allis Chalmers WD45 LP Tractor

t02.jpg (50661 bytes)

Allis Chalmers Tractors

t04.jpg (45757 bytes)t05.jpg (43590 bytes) 

Allis Chalmers K Crawler

t06.jpg (47160 bytes)

Row of Allis Chalmers Tractors

t08.jpg (42371 bytes)t07.jpg (51169 bytes)

Allis Chalmers Orchard Tractor

t10.jpg (57060 bytes)

Allis Chalmers Tractor

t09.jpg (57107 bytes)

Allis Chalmers Tractor

t11.jpg (46182 bytes)

Allis Chalmers Tractor

t13.jpg (48453 bytes)

Row of Allis Chalmers Tractors


t14.jpg (25366 bytes)

Row of Allis Chalmers Tractors


Lesser Known Tractors

t27.jpg (51210 bytes)t26.jpg (47960 bytes)

Shepard Diesel

t15.jpg (55448 bytes)

Silver King

t16.jpg (53022 bytes)

Graham Bradley

t17.jpg (52033 bytes)


t18.jpg (57172 bytes)


t19.jpg (53334 bytes)


t20.jpg (61559 bytes)t21.jpg (22389 bytes)

Minneapolis 1922 17-30

t22.jpg (60851 bytes)


t23.jpg (47945 bytes)t24.jpg (38731 bytes)t25.jpg (52065 bytes)

1917 Heider

t28.jpg (60192 bytes)t29.jpg (66896 bytes)t30.jpg (21211 bytes)

Moline Universal

t31.jpg (63290 bytes)

Horse Drawn Equipment

t32.jpg (42512 bytes)t33.jpg (51721 bytes) Bucyrus-Armstrong Well Drilling Rig t34.jpg (50624 bytes)

New Holland Self-Propelled Hay Baler

t35.jpg (45019 bytes)


t36.jpg (50435 bytes)


t37.jpg (49519 bytes)

Fordson Major

t38.jpg (50464 bytes)


t39.jpg (46131 bytes)

Keck Gonnerman

t40.jpg (53160 bytes)

Keck Gonnerman

t41.jpg (50852 bytes)


t42.jpg (52053 bytes)


t44.jpg (42375 bytes)t43.jpg (22946 bytes)


t48.jpg (54134 bytes)


t45.jpg (39674 bytes)t46.jpg (45434 bytes)

Fordson Super-6

t47.jpg (39649 bytes)

John Deere Lanz

t49.jpg (41137 bytes)


t50.jpg (44391 bytes)

Massey Harris

t51.jpg (37175 bytes)t52.jpg (26507 bytes)t53.jpg (27328 bytes)

All Work DA510 - Built in Quincy Illinois

t54.jpg (53116 bytes)

Caterpillar D2

t55.jpg (54143 bytes)

Nicholos Shepard 20-35

t56.jpg (48005 bytes)


t57.jpg (55889 bytes)

Hart Parr 16-30

t58.jpg (60275 bytes)

Case Cross Motor

t62.jpg (39044 bytes)t63.jpg (33825 bytes)t64.jpg (39071 bytes)

Other Tractors in rows


Trucks on Display

t60.jpg (38872 bytes)
t61.jpg (31463 bytes) t59.jpg (39652 bytes)


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