Franklin Grove, IL

Held August 5, 2000

Photos were taken before 2-4 inches of rain fell in 3 hours making the show grounds very wet.  It is always a very nice show and my photos do not do it justice.

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alamo.jpg 55Kb


engines1.jpg 58Kb

Titan, Mogal, Hercules

gade.jpg 59Kb


foos.jpg 52Kb


engines6.jpg 60Kb

Fuller Johnson and Stover

newholland.jpg 56Kb

New Holland

ih_m_10hp_6hp.jpg 60Kb

IH M 6hp and 10 hp

sandwich.jpg 61Kb


engines2.jpg 60Kb

Galloway, IH, John Deere

engines4.jpg 48Kb


engines3.jpg 61Kb

Monitor, Novo, Stover

engines5.jpg 58Kb

Nelson Brothers, Sattley, Jaeger

OOPS Dont let this happen when transporting your engines Check your Trailer Decking.jpg 52Kb

OOPS - Check your Trailer Decking before loading







model_lineshaft.jpg 46Kb   

Model Engine Line Shaft Machine Shop

models.jpg 57Kb

Model Engine





Galloway 5 hp

galloway.jpg 59Kb

gallowaytag.jpg 35Kb


Jacob Haish Chanticleer

chanticleer1.jpg 64Kb

chanticleer2.jpg 62Kb


IH Famous 3hp

ihfamous3hp1.jpg 64Kb

ihfamous3hp2.jpg 61Kb

ihfamous3hpinfo.jpg 30Kb

"The Wisconsin" Lauson-Lawton  6hp Side Shaft

wisconsin1.jpg 58Kb 

wisconsin2.jpg 61Kb

wisconsintag.jpg 22Kb

Root & Vanderoot

rv1.jpg 59Kb

rv2.jpg 51Kb

rvtag.jpg 29Kb






Fairbanks Morse Collection

Hopper Family, Franklin Grove, IL


fairbanks3.jpg 44Kb

fairbanks2.jpg 55Kb

fairbanks1.jpg 56Kb

fairbanks4.jpg 61Kb

tractors1.jpg 29Kb tractors2.jpg 26Kb tractors3.jpg 26Kb tractors5.jpg 33Kb
tractors6.jpg 26Kb tractors7.jpg 23Kb tractors8.jpg 23Kb  



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