Chillicothe, IL 2000

CAT 75th Anniversary Show Held near Peoria IL 

Aug 25-27 2000

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Gas Engines and Tractors

engines01.jpg 55Kb


engines04.jpg 61Kb


engines03.jpg 63Kb

IH Famous

engines02.jpg 53Kb

Steam Powered Maytag !!

Engines05.jpg 48Kb

Massey Harris

engines06.jpg 54Kb

More Maytag Motors

engines07.jpg 51Kb

Trailer of Engines

tractors1.jpg 38Kb

Some Tractors

The Show Grounds

show01.jpg 21Kb

show02.jpg 21Kb

show03.jpg 24Kb

show04.jpg 22Kb


Holt & Best Crawlers           
cat07.jpg 32Kb  Holt cat26.jpg 34Kb  Holt
cat43.jpg 33Kb  Holt cat44.jpg 37Kb  Holt
cat45.jpg 36Kb Holt 45 Crawler cat46.jpg 41Kb Holt 45 Crawler
cat16.jpg 39Kb Best 60 Crawler cat25.jpg 37Kb Best 60 Crawler
cat02.jpg 36Kb Best 60 Crawler cat12.jpg 37Kb Best Crawler
cat04.jpg 34Kb Crawler with Dump Wagon    

Caterpillar Crawlers and Equipment

If you know exactly which models are pictured and not labeled, Please let me know and I will update it with complete information.  Thanks.
cat06.jpg 29Kb Holt Combine with Cat Crawler   cat39.jpg 30Kb   Holt Combine with Cat Crawler
cat08.jpg 40Kb Cat 10 Crawler Grader cat10.jpg 37Kb Cat 10
cat11.jpg 46Kb Cat 10 cat22.jpg 51Kb Cat 10
cat23.jpg 44Kb Cat 10 cat36.jpg 51Kb Cat 10
cat33.jpg 53Kb Cat 10 cat13.jpg 28Kb 10Ton
cat20.jpg 52Kb Cat 20 cat21.jpg 51Kb Cat Twenty-Two
cat05.jpg 31Kb

Cat 60

cat35.jpg 35Kb Cat 60
cat18.jpg 43Kb   Cat 65  cat17.jpg 39Kb Cat 65
cat15.jpg 44Kb D4 cat40.jpg 47Kb D4
cat41.jpg 49Kb D7 cat14.jpg 41Kb Cat R4
cat42.jpg 34Kb Cat Twenty Two    
cat28.jpg 31Kb cat29.jpg 33Kb cat30.jpg 36Kb cat32.jpg 43Kb
cat51.jpg 40Kb cat34.jpg 37Kb cat38.jpg 46Kb cat19.jpg 54Kb
cat03.jpg 36Kb cat54.jpg 37Kb cat09.jpg 42Kb  
cat24.jpg 52Kb cat27.jpg 40Kb cat49.jpg 33Kb cat53.jpg 35Kb
cat01.jpg 30Kb cat48.jpg 23Kb cat47.jpg 35Kb  
cat50.jpg 32Kb cat52.jpg 41Kb cat31.jpg 39Kb cat37.jpg 38Kb


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