Canandaigua, NY

- 2001- Pageant of Steam

Photos taken August 11, 2001

The following are just a few of the engines that were on display at this year's show.  I ran out of disk space on my digital camera and was not able to photograph the Steam Tractors or Farm Tractors that were on exhibit.  I took a roll of standard film that is in the process of being developed.  I will post those when scanned.

Check out the New York Steam Engine Association web page at:

Check out this page for 100 photos that I took of the Historical Construction Equipment Association's Equipment on Display at this show.


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engine01.jpg (46494 bytes) My Humble Abode at the show....Low Rent, High Dust Location in the South Parking Lot.... engine02.jpg (57918 bytes)engine03.jpg (13513 bytes) Earliest Known Leader 4hp
engine04.jpg (53482 bytes)engine05.jpg (32078 bytes) Early Unstyled John Deere L engine06.jpg (49790 bytes)engine07.jpg (36478 bytes)  Nice Original Waterloo IA Engine
engine08.jpg (79790 bytes) Aeromotor engine09.jpg (49286 bytes)engine10.jpg (33533 bytes)engine11.jpg (51585 bytes)


engine12.jpg (60965 bytes) Sandwich 2 1/2hp engine13.jpg (64490 bytes)engine14.jpg (46447 bytes) Associated
engine17.jpg (67043 bytes) Bull Pup engine15.jpg (60100 bytes) Olds
engine16.jpg (59651 bytes) Acme engine18.jpg (65623 bytes) Stewart Little Wonder
engine19.jpg (56407 bytes) Foos engine20.jpg (49450 bytes)engine21.jpg (32538 bytes) IHC 4hp Famous
engine22.jpg (52433 bytes)engine23.jpg (50946 bytes) 1hp IH Famous that Blew Apart at the show.  Cylinder Sleeve was not installed properly and worked loose when running. engine24.jpg (52756 bytes) Julien
engine25.jpg (50097 bytes)engine26.jpg (52179 bytes)engine26.jpg (52179 bytes)engine27.jpg (28861 bytes)

6hp Ohio Sideshaft

engine28.jpg (43573 bytes)engine29.jpg (44108 bytes) Domestic with Water Pump
engine30.jpg (40694 bytes)engine31.jpg (47373 bytes) Backus engine32.jpg (48755 bytes) Thermoil
engine33.jpg (50460 bytes) Ward's Bullseye Sideshaft engine35.jpg (52902 bytes)engine36.jpg (38904 bytes)engine34.jpg (33819 bytes)engine37.jpg (30536 bytes)

25hp Foos Mine Hoist Engine

engine38.jpg (47438 bytes) Myrick Eclipse 4hp engine40.jpg (62553 bytes)engine39.jpg (32714 bytes) 

Jones Hot Tube Engine

engine42.jpg (57635 bytes)engine41.jpg (32165 bytes) Christensen 3hp engine44.jpg (46579 bytes)engine45.jpg (30612 bytes)engine43.jpg (49056 bytes) 

Wisconsin Lauson-Lawton 4hp

engine46.jpg (56060 bytes)engine47.jpg (53952 bytes) Taylor Vacuum Engine engine48.jpg (62133 bytes) IH Famous
engine49.jpg (62594 bytes) Early Economy engine50.jpg (54247 bytes)engine51.jpg (55088 bytes) Early Hercules
engine52.jpg (56289 bytes)engine53.jpg (38171 bytes) Bacon & Donnovan Ideal engine56.jpg (45005 bytes)engine55.jpg (19006 bytes)engine54.jpg (53624 bytes) Foos Jr
engine57.jpg (59375 bytes)engine58.jpg (34154 bytes) La Crosse Plow Company engine59.jpg (59871 bytes) Domestic
engine60.jpg (55752 bytes) Kewanee Pump Engine engine61.jpg (56715 bytes) Kewanee Pump Engine
engine62.jpg (52390 bytes) Olds engine63.jpg (44020 bytes)engine64.jpg (59153 bytes) Maytags...Maytags...Maytags
engine65.jpg (43853 bytes)engine66.jpg (47794 bytes)engine67.jpg (52042 bytes) Rumsey - Williams Vertical engine69.jpg (45494 bytes)engine72.jpg (48564 bytes)engine70.jpg (36782 bytes)

 Orr & Sembower

engine68.jpg (16559 bytes)engine71.jpg (46758 bytes) Dealer Tag

engine73.jpg (41480 bytes)engine74.jpg (48270 bytes)engine75.jpg (42380 bytes) engine76.jpg (42829 bytes)engine77.jpg (27906 bytes)engine78.jpg (48991 bytes) Rumsey
engine79.jpg (47728 bytes)engine80.jpg (21823 bytes)engine81.jpg (52382 bytes) Foos engine82.jpg (47028 bytes)engine83.jpg (49989 bytes) Reeves
Cat.jpg (43945 bytes) Some of the Caterpillar's - Part of The ACMOC Display


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