Apple & Arts - Delmont, PA - 2002

Photos taken  October 19-20, 2002

The following are just a few of the engines that were on display at this year's show.  I lost my other disk with the rest of the photos.  This was a great show (after the rain stopped).


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The Cider Press run by Fairbanks Morse Engine.
05.jpg (22897 bytes)06.jpg (28930 bytes)07.jpg (27303 bytes) Engines in the Building
08.jpg (32516 bytes)09.jpg (32249 bytes)10.jpg (34030 bytes) Fairbanks 3 cylinder Upright
11.jpg (52459 bytes) Witte
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Hercules  1 1/2hp in an Oil Well Setup
13.jpg (59302 bytes) Galloway
14.jpg (62597 bytes)15.jpg (58464 bytes) Robertsonville (nice custom cart !!!)
16.jpg (57531 bytes) Novo
18.jpg (69876 bytes) Gravley
19.jpg (60054 bytes) Gravley
20.jpg (58146 bytes) Massey Harris
21.jpg (65722 bytes) Economy
22.jpg (55636 bytes) IH LB, Witte
23.jpg (57334 bytes) Rototiller
24.jpg (59422 bytes) Gravley
29.jpg (50837 bytes) Pump Jack Ride
30.jpg (59666 bytes) Fuller & Johnson
31.jpg (42594 bytes) Part of the Engine Area
32.jpg (45253 bytes) 16hp Galloway
33.jpg (51958 bytes) 16hp International Famous


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