Rock River Thresheree - Edgerton, WI Show 2010

Photos taken September 2-5, 2010

Steam Engines, Gas Engines & Tractors      Construction


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Little Giant Dragline
Cat Fifteen
D2 with Laplant Choate Scraper

Bucyrus Erie 22B former USMC

Northwest 25 Shovel
Parade Lineup

Case Pulling Grader

Northwest 6 Dragline
Operator ?????

D2 cutting trail

Cat Thirty Five with Elevating Grader
Case CC with PullGrader
Part of the Sand Box

Cat 60 with Dump Wagon

Cat D8
Parade Day 2

D2 & D4 Pushing Side by Side
Cat Forty with Pull Grader
Cat D4

Cat 212 Grader
Cat D6 with Scraper

D2 & D4 & D4 pushing dirt side by side
Equipment lineup


Let's see if we know what we are doing ???
IH T20
AC Grader




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